Excerpt from a Forever Single Girl’s Diary.2 min read

Excerpt from a Forever Single Girl’s Diary.2 min read


Dear Diary,

This was the caption of a Facebook post I took inspiration from. 

Yes, i like him. Hopelessly (dil se yaar)! But just when I was waiting for the nuskhe of that post to work out for me, my crush approached me. 

I thought, finally the moment I had been yearning for has arrived (yayaya). I thought he was going to ask me out. Can you imagine how an average looking, nerdy and an introvert person like me feel when they get the attention of the ONE?!

And, sure he did. He asked me out to help him buy a gift for his girlfriend! 

This is savagery against a poor single girl dreaming for her prince charming. Why can’t cupid’s arrow strike me and my crush at the same time? Or why can’t all these cute guys come with a placard telling if they are available or not! At least that would save me a lot of day dreaming and embarrassment. And i know what I am talking about diary, it happens to me a LOT.

I wish there was a natural law by the virtue of which, everybody could date their crush. 

It took me so much effort to get him to like me. Alas! All in vain. This friend zone really sucks! I mean is anyone out there for me who’d think of me romantically because if there is then NOW is the time to speak up.

Probably, back then, I should’ve shown more interest and taken a few notes when my friends used to share their love stories.

 I wonder if I was so dumb to start so late (or these stupid hormones were too lazy). And now their love life gets on my nerve sometimes. I mean why do all these love birds have to act all so lovey- dovey around me and make me feel I’m playing gooseberry?

Shouldn’t the world be a little more sensitive towards the forever- singles like me?

I’ve been single for an eternity and now I fear the only dates I’d ever go on be in my imagination and the only way I’d find romance is through Rom-Coms while binge eating ice creams.. Probably I should ebb away my girly, shy demeanour and instead of waiting for my crushes to ask me out, approach them first. Although it’s easier said than done and let’s face it – I am too Shareef to actually date someone (as my friends say).

Oh good Lord! Couldn’t boyfriend hunting be more like Pokémon hunting! Maybe I could win then! But till it doesn’t happen, I am going to keep looking for my love story which I am sure, exists!

 Goodnight diary 🙂