Expectations vs Reality during Semester exams3 min read

Expectations vs Reality during Semester exams3 min read


It’s that dreaded time of the year in college, when class nerds become life saviours, photocopy shops get rich and coffee becomes our staple diet. Yes, it is semester exams time in college. Lets face it.

Examinations never turn up the way we expect it to. Here are some pre-conceived notions; each student has during exam time and what harsh realities they have to face later on.

1. Expectation:-You will do at least 6 hours of revision every day.
Reality:-You will play at least 6 hours of Candy Crush every day.

1 (1)Students have the talent of procrastinating till the last moment. The entire semester flies with internships, fests ,partying and enjoying that they forget they have to pass in the required number of papers to move on to the next semester. During exams, even staring at the wall is more interesting than studying.

2. Expectation :- I will read from my clear , concise and useful notes which I have prepared by attending my classes throughout the semester.
Reality: – *staring at the blank notebook* Bro, Lets go and get the notes photocopied as soon as possible.

Every semester starts with never ending promises to be an ideal student, but that doesn’t reside very long. The first class always has 95 percent attendance which usually drops to less than 40 percent at the end of the first week. All the notes of every subject are contained in a single register , duly mixed up.

3. Expectation: – I will keep my phone turned off and in my bag to avoid distraction.
Reality: – It will be on and in your hand, just in case of an emergency (a new Facebook post or funny WhatsApp forward), every 5 minutes.

Our smartphones control us more than we control them. Some great nerd once said “ if you have control over your smartphone, you have control over your semester exam preparation.”

4. Expectation:-I will write 30 pages worth valuable content in my exam paper.
Reality:-*Ends up writing Bollywood song lyrics to fill up pages and request notes to the examiner to give the minimum passing marks.*

Most of the students have the supernatural ability to fill up the answer sheet, whether it corresponds to the question asked or not.

Others are experts in writing filmy dialogues and lyrics of their recent Bollywood song , try to cheat as much as possible from the nerd of the class, and daydream about spending the rest of their lives with their Bollywood crush.

5. Expectation: – I have enough time to finish the syllabus and take a good night’s sleep.
Reality :– ( At 3 AM, praying) I swear I will study sincerely in the next semester, please let me pass this time!


Late-nighters and exams go hand in hand for students. Most of the night is spent collecting notes photocopies , ordering midnight munchies and discussing about the last game of thrones episode.

6. Expectation: – I will take a 5 minute break after each hour of studying.
Reality: – I will study for 5 minutes after one hour of Facebook stalking.


After 6 months of not opening the books, it becomes impossible to have the discipline of studying continuously for one hour. With an innocent intention of taking a break, we spend 2 to 3 hours stalking our crush on Facebook and WhatsApp.

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