What are the expected cut-off for Eco & Eng hons in top...

What are the expected cut-off for Eco & Eng hons in top DU colleges this year?4 min read


In the last few years, the frequency of students scoring cent percent in the board examination has seen a massive surge in numbers.

As the percentages keep rising, the cutoff marks set by the colleges soar higher every year while creating a tough competition for the students who look for the opportunity to land seats at their dream colleges or course. Sometimes even a point one percent difference can make people lose their chances of getting admission into their favorite colleges.

In 2015, as many as two colleges required a candidate to score a minimum of 100 per cent marks in order to get admission to the BSc (Hons) Computer Science programs in the first cut off. Similarly, the cut-off for BCom (Hons) and BA (Hons) Economics have also seen record high in the last couple of years.

With this year’s admission process knocking at the door, there are a few things which should be expected. Read on to know about them!

  1. There are chances of the reconsideration of 5 cutoffs releasing policy as it led to huge inconvenience last year and many haven’t been yet refunded their admission amount in the case of their transfer from one college to the other.
  2. Expect a marginal increase of 0.5%-2.0% increase in case of courses like Economics & B.Com(H), English etc. The first two cutoffs, if they’re released by the University shall be high but would ultimately be scaled down based upon admissions.
  3. The entire process of admission, including that for ECA & Sports, including the payment of fees is to be made online this year too. This process last year had put a marginal check on many corrupt practices during sports quota admissions

The case is similar for BA and BSc courses, though the trends have witnessed the decrease of the first cut off marks for these courses at a number of colleges.

Expected Cut off in some of the top colleges for B.A (Economics)

  1. The cutoff in Shri Ram College of Commerce is expected to remain same as the last year.
  2. Hindu College had the cutoff range of 50- 97.75% in 2016 and one can expect an increase or decrease in the same by 0.25% this year.
  3. Hans Raj College released its cutoff between the range of 50-98% in 2016 and it is expected to remain same for this year too.
  4. LSR College for women had its cutoff range between 75-98.0% and it is not expected to change this year too.
  5. Miranda House College’s range was between0-97.75% and it is expected to change by 0.25% this year.

  6. IP College for Women had its cutoff between 70-97.0% and it is expected to drop by 1.0% this year.

Expected Cut off in some of the top colleges for B.A (English)

B.A. English (Hons) is found to be the most sought after course in the University of Delhi this year and we hope that you are ready for a hike in cutoffs. Brace yourselves and go through the expected list of cutoffs in some top colleges.

  1. Hindu College had a whopping cutoff range between 25-97.75% in 2016 and it is all set to experience an increase of at least 0.25% this year.

  2. Hans Raj College placed its cutoff range between 75-97.0% last year and it is expected to increase or decrease by 1% in 2017.

  3. SGTB Khalsa College had a range between 25-98.75% and an increase or decrease of 2.25% in the range is expected for this year.
  4. Miranda House is expected to be unaffected this year and its cutoff is expected to range between 96-97.75% this year.
  5. Jesus and Mary College is likely to see an increase or decrease of 1.0% in its cutoff range this year.
  6. LSR College for Women had its cutoff range between 50-98.25% last year and is expected to see the rise or fall of 0.25% in this range.

With these magnanimous numbers, we are sure that admissions in Delhi University are going to allow only the best scorers to enter into their dream colleges. We wish you luck for this cutoff season and hope that all of you get the college you want!

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NOTE: This is just our estimation and no other official agency has provided any kind of notice on this topic. Campus Drift came up with these numbers by analyzing multiple patterns, news sources, and misc stuff.