Exploring Sexuality as a College Girl2 min read

Exploring Sexuality as a College Girl2 min read


Yeah Yeah. I know you have dreamt of it loads of times. *blushing with that look in eyes*And how wildly we have all thought of it, shooting our own movie in our mind, editing it several times, keeping every ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ at the right place. How is that colorful night going to be? (or may be day, who knows you can get lucky any time!) *wink*

My journey of exploring this ‘sshhh’ topic dates back to 8th standard. It was only after reading that ‘tanki scene’ in 3 Mistakes of My Life, did I realize that people do it in other places as well besides a bed. *chuckle* Hell lot of possibilities popped up, in the kitchen, garden, on the terrace, by the side of a swimming pool, in a hospital! (The last one was weird!)

A thing that I always wondered was that why those big melons attract boys? I mean seriously, do boys have some hi-tech sensors fit in their eyes that can scan deep within? And look at their extra sharp mathematical skills while calculating the size. Lol!

I often found myself daydreaming having a naughty time with my Mr. Perfect. Well he usually got replaced with every sexy guy I met. Dude, no one is going to sue you of adultery in imagination. *red with shame* Fine, I’ll cut the crap with a scissor. But tell me one thing, why Hips don’t lie? Do they always speak truth? Really? Let me ask mine.

This reminds me of sexting. Getting those spiced up and obscene messages from desperate boys drove me nuts. How they would directly jump to the main point and ask for it. A well composed mixture of cooked up stories from friends, those secretly watched videos and our ultimate teacher, Google baba would revolve in my dirty and evil mind. Okay, you reader stop being that ‘sanskari’ chap infront of me now. You do enjoy that canoodling.

Phew! Letting this all out was a superwoman task for me (with that red underwear on). I think I am a bad girl now. Nevermind! All I can say is that  take it, shake it until you make it! *giggle*