Community Head

“Nothing is invented, for it’s written in nature first”

Basic Information

Campus Drift is a student community, a family of all college students who want to do amazing things during their college life. So, building and taking care of this community is one of the prime goals of our team.

You can be at your best when you are along with people like you. We intend to create a network of small networks of students. The role of a Community Head thus becomes very important on its own. As a community head, you’ll have to manage the small communities we’ve started and you’ll be in charge of their growth.

Developing a value focused community where members can learn and grow with the help of each other is a very tough task. So we’re looking for someone who values human interaction and who understands network effects (no, not MLM!). We’ll teach you how to build communities from scratch and how to keep them engaged. Community management will be one of the most in demand job position in the near future and we’ll provide you the first hand experience of it.

Here’s what we’ll be looking in a candidate (not mandatory though):

  • - Understanding of human emotions; A great sense of EMPATHY.
  • - Should understand what are networks and how network effects work.
  • - Should have an experience in handling any college society
  • - Should be an extrovert and a fan of humans
  • - Is ready to solve problems of community members anytime
  • - Is a good speaker or influencer
  • - Has a past record of handling communities
  • - Can travel within the city for work
  • - Is really active on social media, specially facebook
  • - Has a great sense of responsibility
  • - Can work well with team from other domains
  • - Understands the importance of feedback and can work on it

Experience Required: College Society Handling experience

Do you think you can lead a community without anyone even realizing that you’re the leader?
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