Marketing & Growth Executive

“Marketing is a contest for people’s attention.”

Basic Information

The statement above reflects well on the basic ethos of marketing. If you’re someone who loves attention and can be an attention magnet for our organisation, then this post is definitely for you. Marketing involves ideas, creativity, and most of all, experimentation.

We would need you to develop creative strategies for Campus Drift so that we can become a bigger brand than we already are. We want people to see us, know us, and read us regularly and for this, we need to reach out to them in a relatable way. Our organisation is built upon different kinds of relationships, and the level at which we speak to our audience matters THE MOST.

Keeping in mind our business model, you will have to create marketing strategies for other brands as well! While content makes us flow, marketing helps us sustain. Be CREATIVE and know the audience well - that’s what is mandatory for this post.

Here’s what we’ll be looking in a candidate (not mandatory though):

  • - For starters, should be a college student having 6 months left in their degree.
  • - Must be creative and well versed with trends
  • - Should be social media friendly
  • - Should be ready to travel within the city for work
  • - Should have some or other kind of influence on his/her fellow students
  • - Should be a quick learner and observer
  • - Should be an extrovert because it requires pitching ideas
  • - Should be able to take criticism positively
  • - Should be able to “google” well- we need researched ideas at times
  • - Is a great hustler and shows enthusiasm about marketing
  • - Should have a sense of responsibility and can take on new challenges
  • - Should understand what is a growth mindset and loves speed
  • - Should love data and can show an intent of making decisions based on data

Experience: Not required.

So, if you’re waiting to have an exposure which matters, click on the button below and join the team.