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PR & Events Executive

“Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality”

Basic Information

Who doesn’t loves cool events, right? Specially during our college life, we end up attending and craving for amazing small or large events related to various things we like. We’re looking for people who can nail the job of landing college students at great events.

The job has two main parts - partnering with third party events and organising own events. You’ll have to professionally deal with various college societies, cultural organisation and companies. You’ll also get to draft amazing events of your own and organise them.

Having fun is the motto of this job. We want you to be outgoing and fun while at the same time we’ll help you understand the key metrics and the science behind this profession. Also, you’ll be the most sort after person during the whole fest season.

Here’s what we’ll be looking in a candidate (not mandatory though):

  • - For starters, should be a college student having 6 months left in their degree.
  • - Should be experienced in reporting and handling online documents
  • - Should be fun loving and creative
  • - Has a good understanding of the concept of reverse engineering
  • - Has a good attention to detail
  • - Can handle vendors and other companies professionally
  • - Can travel within the city for work
  • - Should know what basically PR is for a media house
  • - Has experience of organising small college related events
  • - Has great sense of responsibility and can work with a team
  • - Should be habitual of being active on email
  • - Can handle extra work-pressure during small patches of time
  • - Is an extrovert, can manage people and is a good speaker

Experience:Not reqiured.

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