PR & Events Head

“PR is performance recognition”

Basic Information

Well, we admit it! It’s the most fun head position in out there.
In order to the whole PR & Events team fall in love with events, their heads needs be already in love with them. So, we’re searching for somebody who love events to the core and knows how to have fun at even the most boring events.

This position will test your ability to handle a team of creative people and at the same time convert something from just an idea to an experience. We’ll help you experience what it takes to handle big events and create a “branded event” from scratch.

While it involves a lot of fun, we need you to understand that it’s a serious job too. You will be in charge of the team that will be our mouthpiece to everyone else in the world. As we grow, the number of people reaching us out will grow and so will your team’s work.

Here’s what we’ll be looking in a candidate (not mandatory though):

  • - For starters, should be a college student having 6 months left in their degree.
  • - Has a past record of being in the core team of a college fest
  • - Has a past record of handling a team for an event or for any other purpose
  • - Understands the events domain and love to attend different events
  • - Can visualize situations very well
  • - Can handle crisis communication and is a good problem handler
  • - Should have a past experience of handling PR anywhere
  • - Should have the basic understanding of PR department in a media house
  • - Can negotiate really well
  • - Can travel within the city for work
  • - Should know how to make professional relations and how to maintain them
  • - Has a great sense of responsibility and leadership
  • - Can handle big projects on their own

Experience Required: PR or Event core team experience

So can you handle the fun and seriousness simultaneously?
If yes, then click the button below and fill the form to join us.