Graphic & User Experience Designer

“Design is not how it looks, design is not how it feels, design is how it works”

Basic Information

We totally agree with Steve Jobs on this. Design is an experience in itself. It defines how the user interacts with your product or company as a whole. And hence, we are a little crazy over design at Campus Drift.

You job will include finalizing all the visual [read: graphical] material that our readers will interact with. This may range from a small meme to a grand poster for our flagship event. You’ll also get to work on user experience design for whole new projects.

We take design very seriously and we’d love if a minimalistic minded designer can join our team and head our design front. You just need to have basic knowledge of Photoshop and a great vision for design.

Here’s what we’ll be looking in a candidate (not mandatory though):

  • - For starters, should be a college student having 6 months left in their degree.
  • - Should have a basic working knowledge of photoshop and video editing softwares
  • - Should have a good sense of design
  • - Has a creative mindset
  • - Should know what is minimal designing
  • - Can visualise problems and solutions
  • - Can work remotely with other teams
  • - Has a great sense of responsibility and can take up projects confidently
  • - Can do basic video editing if needed
  • - Is planning to develop a career as a UI/UX designer and wants to learn more
  • - Can travel within the city for work

Experience Required: Not required

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