Entrepreneurial Coordinator

“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.”

Basic Information

Every organization needs hustle to grow. And we very well know that hustlers have a different league of their own. We at Campus Drift love hustlers and people with entrepreneurial mindset.

Beast mode execution and ruthless strategic development is something which gives an edge to an organisation in the long run. The role of an entrepreneurial coordinator will be of running the ship directly with the core team. They’ll be responsible for handling different projects simultaneously, maintaining culture, expansion into new verticals and building the strategy from ground up.

The life of an entrepreneur is the most stressful one and the ones who chose to live it love it to the core. An entrepreneurial mindset led to the creation of Campus Drift and it becoming what it is today. Even this fellowship is a result of our constant hunger of doing something new and delivering value to the consumer. We want people like us to join us and take the ship forward from here.

Here’s what we’ll be looking in a candidate (not mandatory though):

  • - For starters, should be a college student having 6 months left in their degree.
  • - Wants to be an entrepreneur in the future and wants to know more about it
  • - Should understand what is entrepreneurial mindset
  • - Is ready to hustle non-stop
  • - Has shown some execution skills in the past
  • - Feels deeply about other people around them and possesses empathy
  • - Can even continue after the fellowship if we want
  • - Is ready to take up challenging roles and projects and get them done
  • - Is an extrovert and can travel within the city to meet new people
  • - Is a failed entrepreneur
  • - Should possess a great sense of responsibility and can beat timelines
  • - Is not a procrastinator

Experience: Failed experience prefered.

If you think you can blow us away with your hustle skills then go on and click on the button below to fill up the form.