Fresher’s alert- COMMON MYTHS ABOUT COURSES IN DU5 min read

Fresher’s alert- COMMON MYTHS ABOUT COURSES IN DU5 min read


University of Delhi is known for its high standards in teaching and research as well as eminent scholars that it always attracts to its faculty.
DU is filled with the myths and misconceptions of audience. People have various preconceptions like DU is all about North campus or students don’t really study therein or they keep on bunking and so on. At some point, these can be ignored and justified and can get over a new image, but the disbelief of people regarding some of its courses cannot be justified.
However, a number of misconceptions float around some of the courses which taint their image. Some myths pertaining to these courses are as follows:


English Honors is the most hyped course as it has become a status symbol and everyone wants to grab it, anyway! But this high professional course which seems to hold a distinct attraction to the aspiring students follows a misconception that one can only go into the teaching field after graduating from this course. But that’s actually not true! One can easily venture into journalism, writing, editing, translation, civil services, MBA etc. Therefore, it automatically turns out as a boon for career oriented personalities.
It has also been assumed that by opting for English Honors, one can increase their grammar and vocabulary skills. But that actually has no base! In college, no one has time to teach you grammar; they are not free to teach tenses now! Aspirants have to keep in their minds that, pursuing literature in college level is very much different from what they had earlier studied at their school level.
Another attraction is that the course holds less study pressure, but my dear friends, you are so unaware of the seriousness and the truest of skills involved while framing the answers. It has been heard recently, that English Honors students are addressed as “Vellas”(Literally, Idle) or “People who always have a bhashan (Literally, Lecture) to deliver”. I mean seriously, what you call a ‘bhashan’, is actually the skill which they have gained to express their thoughts in front of everyone with confidence and honesty. Therefore, opting English Honors will not only make you learn ‘core literature’ but also other elements of life.


Colleges are continuously trying to cherish and to fulfill the aims set by India’s composite culture and its unique pluralism imparting education through Urdu language at almost every level. It is one of the ways to foster our national character and cultural harmony.

A common myth for Urdu courses is that it has no scope for future and it only provides knowledge of ‘Shayariyan’ (Literally, Poetries). Like what do people think, DU will teach ‘shayariyan’ to its students so that they could make their love life happy?  Lol!  Obviously not, the main purpose of Urdu course is actually to teach Urdu language, its scripts, its culture, its background etc. through the medium of Hindi and English.  Above all, it tries to keep alive the much degraded culture of Urdu.


Philosophy is that subject which is located in the hearts of the main block of humanities.

‘Why you are being so philosophical, Man?”

This is the dialogue that is ultimately used for those who go deep inside and try to do serious study of anything. Here in DU too, the subject is not as respected as others. There’s a myth about philosophy that once a person is done with his /her graduation in philosophy, he officially transcends into a ‘BABA’ (Literally, Saint) who only wants to spread ‘GYAN’ (Literally, Knowedge) all around.

Certainly, philosophy is not about being a ‘Baba’, but being an intellect and a doctorate awarded for original contributions to knowledge. Eventually, we can say that philosophy is an interesting subject and has greater scope for future.


The widest and most interesting field of science is ‘Chemistry’. At college level, it doesn’t teach you, H+O2—->H2O, but beyond this. This department is known for its excellence in academic and research world. There is no more making of small compounds which you guys have learnt in schools. In fact, at college level you’ll be given newer opportunities and exposure of writing the projects and develop communicational skills too.

Students will be provided with collaborative research programs with many research laboratories. The chemistry department of Delhi University has distinguished itself as a centre for innovative and pioneering research in a wide range of areas in chemistry interfacing with ‘physical’ and ‘biological’ sciences. Hence proved, it’s not only chemistry what is been taught in Delhi University, but teaches the complete science with its tits and bits!


It’s a three-year duration course consisting of six semesters, which covers all the related topics of the study field and gives rigorous training to its students.

The myth about this course is that there are no employment opportunities and job availability, except teaching, is absolutely false. It gifts the aspirants with their career options in media research, sales education, businesses, tourism law, legal jobs (translation work), TV jobs, writing – publishing jobs, novelist etc.

The degree enables the aspiring students, the love and respect for our cultural and ancestral language. Students can be given member representative status in India’s cultural programs, being conducted here in County and abroad.

Any sort of misconceptions about any of the courses is vague, because every subject, every course has its own importance, its own specialty, , and above all, its own respect. Therefore, these myths have to be changed along with the mindsets of people, at any cost.

And while you’re just entering college fuchhas, make sure to kick the stereotypes in their butt! Keep supporting us for more 🙂