5 Things Gargi College students will definitely relate to2 min read

5 Things Gargi College students will definitely relate to2 min read


I love my college life (whatever precious years I have of it) and Gargi college is my first love.

Although it is situated a little bit farther from the mainstream south campus colleges alongside KNC (another girls college, fml!) but like every other college, it has it’s own aura.

So here are some of the things you’ll relate to if you are or have been a part of Gargi College.

1.“ID Card Dikhao”

Gargi college entry
Source – Gargi.du.ac.in

As soon as you enter the college, they are stopped by an aunty asking for their id cards. This ensures no trespassing as well as high security (you know girl’s college right?).

2. “Tehalka”

tehelka sandwich at gargi college

No, this is not the name of a newspaper but a name of sandwhich which like its name suggest is the bestseller of our canteen. It’s really popular and yummy. Yahan roz tehalka machaya jata hai! 😉

3. “Photocopy Aunty”

photocopy aunty at gargi college

Despite her tantrums and everything which are very annoying, you know she will do your work and probably help you pass the semester. Yeh jo aakhri ummeed ap humein de jati hain aunty, we love you for it. Dil se!

4. “Mithaas is Bae”

mithaas corner near gargi college

Mithaas or Mithapur is our all time favourite bae. Gargi and Knc do not have a lot of eating joints next to them. But thank God for Mithaas! It’s quite pocket friendly and they have foodvariety as well.

Canteens can get boring at times!

5. “Library for good WiFi speed”

library at gargi college
Source – gargi.du.ac.in

Our library, besides having a lot of books also has a stable wifi speed and this is what attracts most of the people.

You will spot half of the people in library having a peaceful time with theirmobile phones. Kyuki library me books padhna is so mainstream na?

I’m sure you were able to relate to all these things as a students of Gargi College. If you were, then please hit the share button below and share it with your friends! 😀