Here’s how the generation after us will turn out to be3 min...

Here’s how the generation after us will turn out to be3 min read


One is always better than the other. There is a battle of generations going on now for quite a long time. Gen Z, the Generation which started somewhere in mid-1990’s and is followed by Alpha Generation (people born in the year zone of 2015- 2016).

To make this distinction clear, Generation Z people are those people who most probably are in college, maybe preparing for their 8th class exams or getting jobs and the alpha generation are those little babies, cradling in their mom’s arms and are incoherent to their surrounding and too young to understand this article right now.

So, we as Generation Z, who are actually reading this article right now are better or worse than the generation that will follow us?

  1. Our next generation will be more Tech- Savvy and will not know a world without social media


We are the generation who have spent our days with watching T.V and clicking photographs using a 90’s camera. Gen alpha is the one who would not know a world without technology.

Alphas will get exposed to mobiles before they hit their teenage and their mobile phones will be so sophisticated when they become teenagers that they will primarily use their phone over a laptop or desktop computer.

Gen alpha will be so tech savvy that it will come to them as naturally as sneezing, they will know how to download games and how to use laptop at the mere age of maybe five. There will be less of real time human interaction and more of social media interaction.

2) They will have less values and morals, almost non- existent racial barrier


There will be more emphasis on the concept of “Mine”, “Me” rather than “Us”. People will be more independent, more selfish, doesn’t play by the rules.

Our generation is less biased on bases of caste class or gender than our previous gen and the next generation will be more open minded on these issues than us. See the road I am trying to lead?

3) Many start-ups and entrepreneurs will emerge


Every generation from here on out will become more entrepreneurial than the next because they will have more access to information, people and resources earlier in their lives. We will see a lot of Alpha entrepreneurs starting companies before they reach their twelfth year of life. As most will fail in their business pursuits, they will learn a lot and have much better luck as they get older

4) Alphas will have flexible, supportive parents


Alpha generation will have us as parents and we are quite flexible as generation because we have been through the change from using computer to using smartphones, from gender bias to gender equality.

We have seen it all and we will be ready to accept new changes in traditional values too. So, alpha gen will be lucky to have parents like us who will be supportive, understanding and letting them explore things on their own.

Heartiest apologies to the future alpha’s who would get to read this after around a period of ten years. But I wonder how weird parents we might become and what weirdo we would make with our children, knowing all the password hacks for their cell phones and being advanced and backward both at the same time. Unfortunately, fortunate enough!