Exchange happiness this Diwali, instead of mass produced gifts (Please!)3 min read

Exchange happiness this Diwali, instead of mass produced gifts (Please!)3 min read


Heyy! The festive season is here. Excitement galore!

Diwali is the time to clean up and light up your home, dress up and flaunt your “faux-candids” and numerous selfies, make that annual pilgrimage to meet up with the whole clan of relatives and have your fill of the sugar dose, regretting later.

However, there is a part and “parcel” of this festival that is formality for some, a tedious ritual for others and, for yet others, a cause of stress- exchanging of gifts.

Honestly, who came up with this ritual anyway?

We gift a mass made, industrial package to an acquaintance and they gift us a similar mass made, industrial package in return. They gift the package we gifted to another acquaintance of theirs and we gift the package they gifted to another acquaintance of ours, from whom we receive another package, which we gift to another acquaintance and get another in return. This continues till, eventually, the gift goes back to the original buyer.


Now this chain of “giving and receiving and having and sharing” starts a week before Diwali and goes on till Bhaidooj. After that, the packages we are left with are begrudgingly opened up and consumed.

Hence, after traveling for miles for weeks, finally they end their journey.

The only good that comes out of this trade is business to the sellers, which too, is reduced to an extent by our ‘jugaad’ of forwarding received gifts. Although, it must have been a very clever businessman who came up with the idea of the ritual of exchanging gifts!

This ritual may have been started with a good intention in mind, to bring families together, to bring people together on a festive occasion, but today, this has just boiled down to a formality and an obligation that needs to be done and got over with. People visit people with the objective of ‘niptana.’

They exchange mass produced gifts without any personal touch, and are done in twenty minutes, as though it were an “appointment”. Not to mention the stress that some people face of having to spend huge money on gifts for one and all, which leaves them wondering where all the cash vanished.

We need to stop following this formal ritual mindlessly. It was made with the intention of getting families together, let that intention be fulfilled. Have a get together at one place, where everyone can meet everyone, talk, laugh and catch up with them properly, instead of making twenty-minute visits.

Get over the gifting ritual, let it go. No one truly enjoys or appreciates it. Instead, gift something personal, something the other person will truly appreciate and never forget.

Let go of the stress that we’ve surrounded ourselves with in the name of festivities and enjoy the festival for what it really is. If you really want to gift something, gift happiness to light people’s faces. Then it will truly be the festival of lights.

Happy Diwali to you and your families from all our team’s side!