Meerut college principal feels girls shouldn’t have boyfriends because the Indian Culture...

Meerut college principal feels girls shouldn’t have boyfriends because the Indian Culture doesn’t allow them2 min read


Hi, folks. New day, new mind boggling comments from people in authority!

If you were appalled by the idea of the “anti-Romeo” squads in Uttar Pradesh, the situation outside various colleges in the state has proved the shortsightedness of the measure.

Apparently members of the youth group Hindu Yuva Vahini  have been harassing women’s male relatives when they come to meet them outside the college gates — so clearly there’s something not quite foolproof about the UP police’s admission to having an expert eye for singling out ‘Romeos’ by the ‘look in their eyes’. Like Seriously?

But while Mrs. Sneha Gupta, the principal at Raghunath College, Meerut, expressed deep regret about the confusion due to which relatives were hauled up. But, this was accompanied by the unequivocal declaration that girls having boyfriends while they are doing their undergraduate or postgraduate degrees isn’t allowed by Indian society.

She talked about the college stipulation that prevents women from carrying cell phones into the college — the assumption being that they’d spend all their time yakking on the phone and forget all about studying — as being a helpful deterrent for women being distracted by guys. This sounds ridiculous enough, but now the policing of couples outside the college campus are a whole new intrusion into personal spaces.

And with women like Mrs. Gupta rabbiting on about what women aren’t allowed to do, the already expansive list of restrictions that women in colleges have to reckon with is just growing. Whatever this is but citing obtuse references to what is or isn’t natural to Indian culture just isn’t an effective cover for moral policing and blatant discrimination against women.

A girl during her graduation is mature enough to take her life decisions on her own. Having a boyfriend or not is solely her choice (a right too) and one can’t simply rip them off of it. Moreover, every guy a girl befriends is not someone she will have a physical or intimate relation with. A Boyfriend can prove to be the biggest support for a girl at a time when she can’t share anything to anyone but him. Also being single or in a relation, virgin or not is her choice and one can’t simply ask them to keep their cell phones away!

Whatever may happen is a matter of time but such statements coming out of a woman’s mouth for the other women out there is disgusting. This definitely reflects her small, narrow and ancient mentality.

We have just two words for adults with such ‘cute’ (get the sarcasm) mentalities and they are – GROW UP!

What do you as a responsible human being have to say about this? Let us know!