Govt to launch fixed term employment benefits soon1 min read

Govt to launch fixed term employment benefits soon1 min read


In a country like India, where the major share of employment generation in the economy is courtesy of informal workers, the Modi government may have found just the right answer to the plea of seasonal workers to treat them at par with permanent workers, who are employed with benefits across all industrial sectors.

According to sources, the Modi government is planning to extend the scheme of full benefit fixed term jobs, which was first introduced as a part of an incentive package in the labour-intensive garment sector last month.

After it’s successful run in the same and the generation of decent employment, the scheme can come into effect in all industrial sectors pretty soon.


According to this scheme, an informal worker will be offered a fixed term employment contract by the employer and will be treated at par with a formal worker in terms of working hours, wages, allowances and other statutory dues.

Although, a provision for fixed term employment already exists in the Industrial disputes Act, but to make it foolproof, it will be brought under the Industrial employment (standing orders) Act, 1946.

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This scheme can be a solution to some major economic problems and can be used to address stagnation in job growth instantly to generate employment at a faster rate. Since, its hardly been tried in practice, its already facing criticism from intransigent unions across the nation.

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