What Does a Great CV Look Like in 20162 min read

What Does a Great CV Look Like in 20162 min read


Applying for a job? Or an internship?

The surest way to shine is through your CV. Here we have all the tips and tricks that will make your CV stand out among all the others and ensure a great impact on the employer!

STEP ONE: Brainstorming For Your CV

• Know what information a CV generally contains: Usually a CV contains your personal information like name, address, contact number, mail address, etc.
• Consider the job you are applying for.
• Check the company’s website for extra information about the CV (Because you always need to stalk the person you want to approach).
• Make a list of jobs you have held (Remember, experience counts).
• Brainstorm your hobbies and interests (the only thing that interests the employer).
• Make a list of your relevant skills.

STEP TWO: Writing Your CV

• Create the format for your CV (Here’s where you can show your creativity and play around with the formats).
• List your name, address, telephone number, and email at the top of the page.
• Write a personal profile (use suitable adjectives to define your personality, like- ‘confident’, ‘hard working’, etc.).
• Create a section for your education and qualifications (after all this is what that makes you stand here)
• Create a section for your work experience.
• Create a section for your skills and achievements.
• Create a section for your interests (even if you don’t have much in the skills section you can cover it up here by showing your interest in them).
• Create a section for references (such as your professor or the previous boss, who can praise your work if the employer contacts them).

STEP THREE: Finalizing Your CV
• Check your spelling and grammar (If your CV is sloppy or riddled with errors, potential employers will be unimpressed).
• Proofread for any sentences that could be written more concisely (CVs that are concise and well-written tend to do better than long-winded CVs).
• Read your CV as if you were the company you are applying to (judge yourself.)
• Get someone else to read your CV. (now, let them judge you.)
• Check the company’s application page (Look to see if there are any other materials they would like you to send in along with your CV).

Click on the link to see some sample CVs to help you more: SAMPLE CVs

These are all the tips you need to follow to get that right amount of attention from your employers. Now, you are all set to prepare your CV and get that dream job or internship.

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