5 Hairstyles (with tutorials) to become the Fresher’s Party Queen3 min read

5 Hairstyles (with tutorials) to become the Fresher’s Party Queen3 min read

hairstyles for girls for college freshers party

Gone are those days when you used to wear school uniforms, shoes and flaunt your hair (haha) around wearing two ponies or plaits. It is time to bid adieu to those boring looks and begin the life of style for all you fashion new bees!

For every college going girl, looks become a defining factors as they help you stand out. Putting your best foot forward and getting the perfect hairstyle is going to be your ultimate aim this Fresher’s season.

It may not be easy to get up spend hours on getting the right hair, so here are a few hairstyles that are ready to go with any outfit and make your look a fashionable one:


1) Blending the old ponytail with the new

the mordern ponytail
source: hairstylehub.com

The old classy ponytail still makes the right impact be it your first day or college or at the party.

However, you can certainly introduce some stylish changes to keep the streaks sections of your hair visible.

Take some sections of hair from the sides out and do the ponytail, placing the base at the middle of the back of your head, neither too low nor too high. Once you have completed the ponytail with a hair band, wrap the sections of the hairs left out, around the band and you are done.

2) Braids aren’t always boring!

curly hair and braids
source: abeautifulmess.com

Want to try out the new look? Simple, elegant & perfect for any special day at the college is the messy braid.

Part your hair from the middle, collect all your hair to one side and wrap it up into plait, end it with a colorful band to add to the look. There you go, make your own style statement in under five minutes.

You can make a French braid while leaving some strands loose as well. It will give your elegant braid an edgier look and will probably grab all the eyeballs for you.

For more directions on this hairstyle – Watch Video

3) Side pony? You got it girl.

side pony for a casual look
source: indianbeauty.tips

A side pony tail is a life saver on any bad hair day for college. Side pony looks good for medium and long hair lengths since it can be done in under few minutes.

Comb your hair from one side to the other endleaving the fringes apart. Wrap it up to a low side pony tail right over your shoulder with a fancy band to look amazing.

4) Fishbone Plaits

fishbone plaits for college girls
source: pinterest.com

Fishbone plaits are easy to do and give you an edge to your look even if it is a simple outfit.

Part your hair to the side and take all of it to the front from over the opposite shoulder. Now start braiding your hair by pulling out a small section of out of your left section. Next weave the strand of the hair over the left section on top of the right section. Repeat the strand from the right side until the end of the hair.

Secure it tight and your ready to go!

Here’s an easy tutorial for it- Watch Video

5) Messy Buns

messy bun harstyle for college freshers
source: indianbeauty.tips

Yes, the sexiest and the seemingly effortless look nowadays made it to this list too.

Use your skills, YouTube tutorials, sibling’s inputs and bff’s help to get the perfect bun (which actually just takes five minutes if done properly) and look your best on the most important day of your fresher’s life.

Watch tutorial here- Watch video

Carry these looks in swag and outshine everyone. Do share it with your bestie as good things can’t be consumed alone 😉