7 Hairstyles for men that’ll make you go WOW!3 min read

7 Hairstyles for men that’ll make you go WOW!3 min read

the undercut variation hairstyle

While most Indians argue that men are not about fitting clothes, proper footwear and grooming but, the tall dark and handsome trilogy are the only traits that can make a man look attractive, The common Indian men are breaking all the old stereotypes and redefining the image of men as style icons.

Grooming oneself is not only a healthy habit but also speaks a lot about your personality. That said, grooming properly and according to your personality can work like magic for your first impressions wherever you go and also helps people form an apt perception about the real you.

Hairstyles are often overlooked as an important element of your personality, especially when it comes to men, with most men opting for traditional Indian side parting (officially approved by all Indian mom’s) or maybe an under cut for variation.

But FYI your hairstyle is one of the first things that people subconsciously notice in your personality making it all more important to have a haircut that suits your personality and at the same time looks natural.

And to help you out we bring you a list of both traditional and trending haircuts with a guide that’ll not only make you look good but also make those women go weak in the knees. check them out and thank us later.


the modern caesar haircutThe modern Caesar is a type of buzz cut with short hair on both sides and the crown as well. it’s a very popular haircut due to it’s easy maintenance. With a dab of cream or styling gel the spiked look of this cut can be achieved as well in a matter of seconds.


the simple casual hairstyle for college boys

Similar to the slicked back look this look can be achieved with a little styling cream or gel and a simple brush through. Keep the hair long on top and shorter on sides for easy maintenance.


the undercut variation hairstyle

The most popular and trending undercut is not going out of fashion even in 2016. The possibilities are endless with this haircut with so many variations. This can be achieved with leaving the crown hair long about 3-4 inches and the sides and back short.


the spiked undercut hairstyle

This medium haircut can be achieved with leaving hair long on top and sides are shortened with fades. This hairstyle looks best when air dried and then you can pull the hair up with a little pomade or hair wax.



This classic hairstyle has been famous for centuries and will definitely make you stand out from the rest of the crowd if you can pull it off. Men with thick hair can easily pull this one of as it requires volume to pull the hair up. Hair on the sides can be left short or medium according to choice.


the man bun

This hairstyle started trending in 2015 with men all over the world rocking long hair with a bun on top or back. This hairstyle requires at least 6 inch long hair on top and sides could also be grown or cut short for an under cut variation. This hairstyle also suits men with wavy and curly hair.


short curls with fade

This modern haircut balances curly hair for a short maintained look. Sides are high faded and the curls on top should not be longer than 4 inches.

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