Highlights of Tarang 2016, the annual cultural fest of LSR.3 min read

Highlights of Tarang 2016, the annual cultural fest of LSR.3 min read


Did you miss out any of the days of this great fest? Do you envy seeing those pictures of your friends on FB and Insta? So worry not, we are here to provide you every tit-bit that you need to know (and feel even pissed off for not attending it.) *that sly smile*


This three day extravaganza left every attendee spellbound. With a stupendous number of 55 events that took place, there was something that would suit the interest of everyone around. Day 1 kicked off with mesmerizing stage plays that one could not resist. With writing events like “Lord of the Words”, Photography competitions, Solo and Trio singing, painting, exhibitions, it had all that we ever wanted.


Yes, the amazing pro-nights! It started with East India Comedy stars, Sorabh Pant and Sahil Shah. It was just amazing the way they could highlight the Indian media, the hilarious ads we get to see and simultaneously engage audience with their names and the places travelled. Seriously, one could not help appreciate their caliber to make the audience laugh their heart out. And the second star of the night was the Indie Band ‘The Local Train’. I can bet on it, every single person present there would have listened to their lovely songs back to back, as an aftereffect. Waving around to the tune of ‘Aaoge Tum Kabhi’  and ‘Dil Mere’, the day concluded on a happy note.


Day 2 started with ‘Sangam’, the musical event, with the Battle of Bands, various quizzes, debates and dance performances. The second pro-night was on the whole groovy that started with the tapping of your feet, to jumping and screaming out loud to EDM. DJ Sameer and DJ Arreo set the stage on fire, with their amazing music where the crowd could not help shouting out loud and bringing their wild side. And not to forget, the International artist Jochen Miller rocked the show, where in every person we saw behaved as a party animal.


The main attraction of Day 3 was Baila, the Western Dance competition with in-house exhibitions, a blend of poetry and film-making. The Fashion Show ‘Anarchia’ needs a special mention here. With Vikram Aditya and Kamla Bhasin, consisting of the jury panel, this unconventional event themed at ‘Breaking the Stereotypes’ is associated with the way society perceives fashion. Issues as to why every girl is thin, tall and fair were brought up. Hansraj bagged the first prize, however the judges were not satisfied with any performance.



The third and final night of Tarang witnessed “Agnee” band performing that left everyone around emotional with the lyrics of songs revolving again and again in their mind. From ‘Kabira’ to ‘Yaarian’ and ‘Aahatein’ the euphoria seemed to have reached the zenith. This is how the vibrant show put up by LSR summed up spreading good vibes with people leaving with a bright smile on their face. We can certainly say that Tarang 2k16 amplified the celebration by creating the exceptional.

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