Not IQ but HI-Q in Gargi College To Grill Brains – Quiz2...

Not IQ but HI-Q in Gargi College To Grill Brains – Quiz2 min read


There has to be something that makes your brain keep working hard and what other than a great quiz session do the needful? and yes an event of it’s own kind took place to heed this need for students around Delhi. It was open to all 12 lac students studying in and around Delhi

So this year as well, Gargi College came up with its annual quiz fest: High- Q16. The fest was for 2 days and witnessed not only undergraduate but also post graduate students participating from many universities. Despite the cranky weather there was a huge crowd with over 100 teams participating.


There were quizzes like that on India and general topics but the one that attracted major crowd was the ‘Harry Potter Quiz’. This was one innovative idea that was loved and appreciated by all. On asking one of the students named Shashi* – he said “I especially came for the Harry Potter quiz all the way from Rohini. I am a big potterhead you see.”


The quiz masters who were basically the members of the quiz society of the college, did a great job as well. They kept the audience entertained and engaged. Coming to the gifts, they were upto 4k. But the quiz society made a special effort here. The winners of the Harry Potter quiz got the Harry Potter book series along with socks inside. (Basically implying that they are free and not slaves anymore).

We are sure you must be thinking that you missed a great chance to be a part of this but yeah I know it feels bad, I wish you could help that. Stay tuned with DU Times for more updates so that you do not miss it next time.


All in all the fest was a great success and and we hope that Gargi comes up with such great ideas every year.


*Name changed on request