4 things to do on a bad day to cheer yourself up!4...

4 things to do on a bad day to cheer yourself up!4 min read

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A twenty four hour round the clock routine can be a bit overwhelming in today’s fast pacing world. Many of us live with such a level of overburdening stress that it becomes difficult for us to even realize that we are going through a constant state of being stressed.

In order to deal with this ‘daily stress’, one needs to get rid of emotional distress. Accept that tough times happen to all of us. These strategies will help you feel stronger, more empowered, and ready to deal with future challenges.

source: democraticunderground.com
source: democraticunderground.com

The best getaway is a park or any place with natural scenery around where all your senses are catered by the nature’s scenic beauty.

Whether it’s a 20-minute coffee break or a few extra minutes on a park bench, some time away from the loads of files and assignments  is worth considering— because it’s the quality of that time that matters, and taking it as often as you can will refuel and recharge you emotionally as well as physically.

When to use it:  Take some time from work or whatever you’re occupied with when you feel negative thoughts are looming over the otherwise cheerful you. Are you too upset to talk about your problems? Are you mired by self-doubt? Are you not just nursing but force-feeding a grudge? Then it’s time to sit yourself out think with a mind that is not occupied by these mind- inflicting thoughts.

What it does: Gazing at nature, feeding animals, watching children play is ideally, a pleasing, soothing interruption to reset your brain, mood, and day. It helps diffuse intense emotions and gives you a chance to step back from a negative stress response that could make your day a whole lot worse. Instead, you get a chance to make it better.


cook for yourself when you are sad
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The  way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Also the best mood changer can be your favorite food.

When to use it. Food plays an important role as the determinant of one’s mood. This one is mainly for all those who are devoid of home food and on a daily basis survive on fast-food. Cook your favorite food or treat yourself to in a good place to lighten up your mood.

What it does: Food that your enjoy triggers the release of serotonin – a hormone which makes you happy and reduces cortisol- (stress hormone levels).


have some me time when you are down
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Relaxing is one way to recharge. So another way to give yourself a mini-getaway and cultivate a time-off mindset is to dig into something that interests and completes you. Your mini-sabbatical might be as simple as watching a documentary that has nothing to do with work or anything else you usually watch or do. The key with a sabbatical is that it must rev up or engage a part of your brain that you don’t usually use.

When to use it. Take a mini-sabbatical when you’re bored and worn down by drudge, when you’re uninspired, when you look at your to-do list and see nothing worth enjoying, on it.

What it does. Whatever your job is, you need variety to keep your brain fresh, curious, and resilient. A mini-sabbatical is an infusion of liveliness for that hardworking noggin.


meet an old friend
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Meeting an old friend and spending some time together is another way to revitalize your vigor.

Discussing and reliving the ‘happy past’ is the best way to stimulate your mood. At the end of this exercise you realize that even though you were faced with some challenges in the past; you were able to tide over it.

When to use it: This strategy works well almost all the time! Nothing is better than spending quality time with people who matter to you and make you feel happy and relieved.

Going through tough times is a part of life. Life can feel like a challenging maze sometimes where you are left with difficult options, which might make you feel unfocused, overwhelmed, and helpless. But the thrill lies in facing them, getting up and moving forward. Remember-the hard times create the suspense, challenges constitute the drama, happy memories triggers euphoria and uncertainty adds the thrill to the enigmatic novel of life. All we have to do is to read, learn and life through this book to gain the ultimate experience!!

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