How to choose the right candidate in College Elections? (Step by Step...

How to choose the right candidate in College Elections? (Step by Step process)4 min read

how to choose the right candidate in college elections?

Delhi University is in the grip of poll fever with the election season kicking in. Yes, the DUSU elections! Apart from this, universities in Punjab and Rajasthan will also undergo the election process soon.

From the day you enter the college, you find groups of people welcoming you with beautiful and pleasing smiles. With days passing by, you find them sneaking into your classrooms (all in their best behavior), in order to discuss their agendas. This is when you realize who these people are. These are the candidates participating in the university elections!

Well yes, I exaggerated a bit! Spotting the election season in DU is not really that tough (Thanks to the tsunami of posters and fliers on campuses). However, the trickiest part is choosing the RIGHT PERSON/PARTY. The contestants/parties will lure you and will adopt all the tricks and tactics to gain your support. So let’s make the task easy for you.

Here are a few things that you must keep in mind while voting, to take the right decision:

  1. Find out about the candidates

what are you looking in a candidate?

The very first step you need to take is to find out which candidates are running in the race. There are a number of people standing in the elections, means you have plenty of choices.

Some people spend way too much time, efforts and struggle in campaigning. However, this does not mean that they are par excellence! You need to find out about all the candidates. You never know, you may find a hidden gem.

2) Decide what you are looking for in a candidate


The next step is to decide the issues you would like to see addressed and the values you look for in a leader. You need to spend some time deciding on what you expect from the candidate.

For instance, if you want the prices of books to be a little lower or you want your college canteen to serve better food, look for a candidate who pays heed to these issues in their agendas. However make sure to have a more practical list of things that you need.

Nobody’s going to provide free booze on college campus 😉

3) Evaluate candidates’ stand on issues.


This is a part of the above mentioned step. Evaluate the issues stated by the candidates. You can evaluate the same by leafing through their posters, manifestos, and listening to their public speeches. Paying attention to all these will give you clear view of the stand of the candidates on several issues, which indeed is very important.

4) Will he/she be able to lead?are you choosing the right leader in college elections?

This is the major question!

Will he/she be able to lead? How to find out if someone can be an open and honest leader?

Well you don’t need to fret as here a few ways to read between the lines as you evaluate the candidate’s leadership qualities:

  • Keep a good track of the campaigns. Pay attention on how the candidates conduct themselves at social events. Do they keep preaching or listen to the grievances of the students as well?
  • Do a quick background check. This is something VERY IMPORTANT. We often find candidates who stand in the elections just for the sake of gaining fame and are not seen anywhere near the campus for the next complete year, let alone progress. To avoid such predicament, make sure you do an out-and- out background check of every candidate to understand how trustworthy, apt and committed they are towards the responsibility.
  • Try to relate the campaign posters and the behavior/actions of candidates. For instance if you find a candidate supporting a ‘Clean and green’ campus and it is mentioned all over the fliers, posters etc but you find the person constantly littering the campus area, it will give you an apparent insight into how the person “actually” is and how much he really cares for the cause that he himself is standing for (or supporting).

5) Talk about it.

talk about your election choices

Now that you are done foregathering all the information, hobnob a bit. Turn to others and try to learn their standpoints. This will help you clarify your views. Make sure that you don’t get too influenced by somebody else’s point of view, because you may be the most prudent of all.

Make sure you stick by whatever decision you made so far. Evaluate what others say carefully and act after that only.

6) Judgment time now! Sort it all in your head!


Carefully anatomize what all you jotted down (be it in your mind or on a paper). Think back a few more times. Take into account all the points (i.e.- Background, Agendas, Leadership quality, Commitment etc.). If you are clear in your head about the choices you made, go with it 🙂

Found this somewhat helpful? Share it with your friends so that we are able to choose a responsible union this time. 🙂