6 Ways to have a DOPE Holi with no side effects!3 min...

6 Ways to have a DOPE Holi with no side effects!3 min read


The long gala weekend has arrived. Loaded with joy and abundance of colors, Holi is a festival loved by the whole nation. From enjoying with your friends to drinking ‘bhaang’, every moment of the day is priceless. However, the one thing we tend to forget while enjoying ourselves is the extensive skin damage and sun exposure. Below are some ways in which we can protect ourselves from the vigorous repercussions:

  1. Cover up well before you play

The lesser the skin show, the better. Wear long sleeves shirt/top along with full-length leggings or jeans to protect your skin from color and sun exposure. Protect your eyes by wearing a pair of sunglasses to stay off damage. The colors might cause rampant damage your scalp, thus weakening your hair roots, it is, therefore, better to cover up the scalp with a cap.

  1. Layer right

Before galloping out for the colorful affair, apply coconut or mustard oil on your face and body. The oil greases your skin, which removes the color from your skin easily. Apply some oil to your hair too. Don’t forget to apply a gel based sunscreen after oiling your body. It is important to keep the skin protected from the sun.

  1. Use organic colors for minimum or no damage.

It’s always advisable to use herbal and organic colors. Many chemical colors are in circulation by the tag of “organic”; therefore, check the brand of organic colors and then purchase it.

Eco-friendly and organic colors can be made at home also, by the mixture of food color and flower extract.  Don’t use permanent colors containing grease. They cause pimples and skin irritation. The chemically loaded colors contain mercury, lead oxide and copper sulphate which may cause skin cancer, impaired vision, and redness of the eyes.

Gaudy colors like purple, green and blue MUST  be avoided.

  1. Stay hydrated

Drink lots of water. It is important to maintain energy in your body throughout the festival. Dehydration along with the chemically loaded colors would cause skin dryness and trust us on this, you do not want that!

  1. Shower well

Well, got ya! Haha 😀

After you’re done playing Holi, use lots of water and a mild cleanser to wash off the color. Prefer cold water as hot water might stick to the body. Don’t forget using conditioner post shampoo as it would keep your hair hydrated. Gently clean the color with your hands. Avoid scrubbing harsh, it may irritate the skin (it’s your own skin pal, be gentle).

  1. Use Sea-salt scrub!

If the colors don’t come off even after a shower, use a sea-salt scrub. Sea salt has the unique quality of removing toxins from the body. Mix 200 grams of sea salt with olive oil and oil essentials- rose and lavender. Rub it gently on the skin, rinse off and pat dry.

While this is a great time for a get-together, nothing should be done which breaks the sanctity of this beautiful festival. Harmful colors should be avoided and skin must be well taken care of.

We hope that we have helped you in some way or the other. Don’t be self -centered (bleh!), share away the wisdom!

Oh and we would like to wish you a very HAPPY HOLI! We heart you 😉