Got a grade problem? Here’s what you should do (start now!)3 min...

Got a grade problem? Here’s what you should do (start now!)3 min read


After each semester’s result, we try to figure out what went wrong unless the result was exceptionally well. We always think of performing better the next semester but the major question is how can this be achieved? We plan and make schedules but to no avail since we seem to lack direction.

Does this happen to you too? Are you also trying to figure this out? Well, I am no different and I would like to tell you that there is nothing to worry about. We can improve our performance by making some little changes in our lifestyle.

Read on to know about them in detail!

  1. Eat well.

First of all, we should remember a Golden Rule – A healthy mind resides in a Healthy Body. Thus, one should not always be into books.

One should take out some time out of their busy schedule and do something which relaxes their mind, be it games, painting, singing, etc. By doing this, our mind gets relaxed and hence its efficiency increases.

Moreover, one should take a proper care of their diet. If the mind will not get proper nutrition, it cannot function properly.

2) Introspect and draw a pattern.
Another way to ensure a better performance is by introspecting. We should notice our reading style in past year and know whether it was really beneficial.

If not, then we should alter it a bit. Making schedules is also a wise decision since it helps us in creating a sustainable pattern of studies. The schedule should be made in such a way that we have a plenty of time left for revision.

3) Parrots cram; humans should learn.
Our prime focus should be on understanding and analyzing things instead of cramming them. Cramming can get us marks in the short run. But what is the use of such study which can be forgotten easily?

Besides, we need smart people who can handle situations and work proficiently, not the ones who faint on seeing a question which was out of syllabus! Agree?

4) Ask a LOT of questions and try to find answers.

Ask questions. If you do not get answers, then just do not stop. Try to work upon them. These questions can make your concepts stronger. You can also form study groups. Moreover, never hesitate to ask questions from your teachers.

Not just questions, you can have a normal discussion with them on various topics. This can really make studies interesting.

5) Discipline is the key (however clichéd it may sound).
You should be disciplined. Always being into books does not ensure great marks. What matters is the quality of your study instead of how much time you devote to it. Also, this semester is full of fests and while they can be a great source of refreshment and fun, discipline is something that should be applied to keep the academics balanced.

I hope that we have helped you through this article. If yes, then share it and someone might get something out of it! Keep following.

Edits by: Avica Bedi