How to make the most of your last year in college?5 min...

How to make the most of your last year in college?5 min read

How to make the most of last year in college - Campus Drift
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Some people know from an early age what they want to be when and how they can get there. Others just aren’t sure of their plans, and that’s okay too. For students, the last year on campus is a great time to start assessing their field of interest and get involved in related activities or programs. Here are some very common yet highly important and basic points or rather a plan for the final year students to utilise their last year of college wisely:

1. Identify the people who inspire you

Find someone who inspires you and follow them in last year of college
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If you love the work of someone and are inspired by them then you must follow their work deeply. You can easily find a lot of information and use it to look into what’s helped these people or their companies in becoming so successful. Further, you can make it a point to follow their good traits in your personal, academic and professional life. While this step might not look like much, it definitely is a pivotal point in making the last year of your college life count.

2. Maintain a portfolio of projects

Project Portfolio Management in last year of college
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Participate in every hands-on, experiential learning opportunity that a balanced schedule allows. This way, you’ll have something unique to show a possible employer when you graduate, while other students will only be able to list their courses. In addition, you’ll be far more likely to keep the knowledge you’ve gained in classes because you’ll be applying it and in the process, boosting your communication and interpersonal skills.

Experience matters more than any degree, remember that.

3. The importance of networking

Networking to make the last year of college productive
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Whom you know is almost as important as what you know. Attend lectures on your campus and introduce yourself to the speakers. Check with your college’s alumni association and seniors, and connect with them to grab enough vital information. In addition, you can use LinkedIn or other social media platforms to connect online. But remember there’s no substitute for a traditional, face-to-face meeting, so if you can find a way to meet in person, that’s always the best.

Keep an eye on the influential people’s profiles on social media and grab any networking opportunity that comes your way.

4. Team Work

Teamwork helps us to make the most out of last year in college
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Whether it involves any kind of creation, participation etc. get involved to work in a team to produce great results. Teamwork is one of the most highly rated traits in any work environment and you’d do well to know a few things about it. The best way to do it is by joining a volunteering program. A good cause can help you see the larger picture and will hence, groom your overall personality.

5. Learn new subjects

Learn a new skill to Make the most out of last year in college
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Tomorrow’s leaders will have to communicate effectively and be familiar with every culture, so develop some proficiency in another language, travel abroad, or meet students from other cultures. Start globalizing as this is the best time for you. There’s a wide world out there beyond your course stuff. Take a visual design course, or a cognitive science course or a literature course, as these are definitely going to enhance your skills.

You can even take a photography course if you want. The idea is to be involved in the stuff you love.


6. Make your vacations/ free-time productive

Do internship to Make the most out of last year in college
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Employers place extreme value on practical experience. Seek out internship opportunities actively in the last year of your academic career. Try to demonstrate through your internships a series of evolving leadership experiences, and use the internships to build your portfolio of actual projects/products. New graduates who can show a commitment to using their time to continue to learn are always viewed more seriously by a prospective employer.


7. Be an Influencer

Influence people Make the most out of last year in college
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As a student, you have an ability to influence. For instance, you can join a Student’s Union and represent the masses. It is often student union representatives that are found in the ruling board and other boards. Also, if politics is too much for you, you can consider making a creative blog or page on social media. Show off your skills and who knows, you can be the next big blogger of the year!

Professional life is all about influencing people. If you get a command on it, you’re more likely to have a successful career ahead.

College life is a real transformation time as you move into a new phase of adulthood and the allegedly serious issues of work, careers, and college. It should be a time of growth as well as a time of challenge and for a student in his last year, it’s certainly one of these. Have fun, but don’t forget to make your college life count. And no matter where you go after college, never stop learning and growing.

So, these were some of our tips for the last year students in college. How do you feel about them? Do you know a friend who can use any of these points? Tag them in the comments below.

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