5 easy & effective hacks to score well in college internals2 min...

5 easy & effective hacks to score well in college internals2 min read

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April, april oh dear april!

Getting the hang of scoring well in internals is surely vexing eh? With the exam month glaring right onto us, and internals thrown right at us, let’s look at some tips to make it a passable task:

  1. Do not copy from websites! Use books.

You know that time when our teachers didn’t know how to use the all-knowing google baba that well? Well, that time has passed. The teachers nowadays are as tech-friendly as you are and they sure as hell know the keywords you search for while writing an answer.

So, do yourself a favor and refrain from plagiarizing from the internet. Go to library search for some books and use their material while quoting the lines you are using directly! (You know “..” right?)

  1. Start collecting your notes.

Failing to attend the classes on a customary basis (who wakes up at 8.30 especially?!), we often miss or lag behind on the notes and lose the track of the happenings in the class. This is the time, to start catching up on whatever has been done, taught or given by the teachers.

  1. Maybe get tuitions or group study?

Like it or not, college or self-study alone at times cannot be enough for you to grasp the concepts. This may be a sign that you might have to get extra tuitions after your college hours. And if so is the case, then what better time than now? Get a crash course.

Group study- a term that has lost its meaning is still a very apt way of getting studies done, if done right. Your friends, more often than not, help you better than your teachers.

  1. Practical rather than theory.

You can urge your teachers to give you assignments based on practical work, rather than just penning down the theories. It beyond question helps you learn better, and makes it more interesting for you to survive the internals.

And a teacher would more often than not, love to check something new rather than age old assignment questions, trust us.

  1. Teacher’s good books- THE PRO TIP.

Not too late yet, start getting noticed by your teachers. Let the teachers at least know your face and your name, and if you happen to be in the good books of the teachers, then JACKPOT! (you know why it’s important, right?)

If you manage to do any 1 out of these 5 successfully, we guarantee you’d score well this time.

Take the challenge with your gang? Comment and let us know 😛

Edits By: Shivani Ramchandran