How to study without diverting your mind (Simple Tips)3 min read

How to study without diverting your mind (Simple Tips)3 min read

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Tick tock, tick tock. Wait, what? Is it already time for the exams? Where did the entire semester go? Didn’t it start just yesterday?

Well, like it or not, the time has indeed come when you need to leave the loving company of your bed, blanket, your gadgets; and start building a relationship with your books.


You can first of all, start doing so by preparing a time table for yourself, according to your convenience (which obviously doesn’t mean that you’d add 12 hours of sleep and just 2 hours of study). Better yet, give this responsibility to someone, who knows you well and is concerned about you in ways you are not.

Since many of you PG dwellers and people with roommates are reading this article too, make sure your environment is not a disturbing one. People who are creating distractions, talk to them about it, there’s nothing wrong with it. Put your phone and laptops and tabs down. Like immediately after reading this article! Turn off the WiFi and data connection.


Switch off your phone, and keep it in a drawer or someplace else. But do switch it off. When you do so, you don’t feel the urgency to keep checking your phone if something has come up. You realize that things can wait.

Don’t let anxiety take over you. Sleep and eat well. These two things are very and equally important. If you don’t eat well, your mind roams off to those hunger pangs that you keep getting during your study hours. And if you don’t get enough sleep, you either don’t feel like studying at all, or even if you do, kya padha hoga tumne, bhagwan jaane.

Do not overload yourself. At this point of time, you must have a pending syllabus weighing similar to that of a mountain, and you’re probably still napping. But when you decide get that lazy butt up and study don’t pressurize yourself. Cover as much as you can. Plan the amount of work you need to cover that day and do it accordingly.

Overloading yourself would only lead to full chaos and zero work done. If it helps, you can also put on some slow music. That really helps you calm your mind and concentrate better. This is not advisable if you’re easily distracted.


Before you sit to study, take a long breath in. Better yet, do some relaxing asanas. And if you’re too lazy to do that (and just now smirked at the above two sentences), imagine the faces of your parents. That’s probably enough to motivate you and probably answers the question you ask every time you see your books ‘Why do we need to study?’

So, I hope these small tricks help you study better for the battles to come. I hope you win these battles. And get up, because it’s time that you don’t just read but you apply these as well.

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