Hunger Station – The Food Carnivalesque2 min read

Hunger Station – The Food Carnivalesque2 min read


Surrounded by the glassy corporate buildings in the i-Tech Park, Gurugram. Hunger station is a what I’d call an average eatery with decent ambiance.

The food counters are categorized on the basis of method of preparation of the dish. It has five sections namely Chill Factory, Bake House, Stir-fry, Gril N Gravy and Steam Pot.

hunger station
In this hot summer Chill Factory would prove to be one’s true love by chilling the inner burning environment. Hunger station also offers a separate menu for the seasonal fruits or festivities.

Currently that menu is ruled by the King of Fruits – Mango.

Being fond of citrus fruits, I loved Fissi Alphonso Blast which is a blend of lemon juice and sour mango. This tangy cooler comes without any sugar content giving everyone’s taste buds an electric shock as it thrives down mouth and oesophagus. There are other some great smoothies and fresh juices to look out for  as well.
Vegetarians’ diet is always restricted by the hoteliers. While your non veg friend drools might be drooling over butter chicken and chicken tikka, all you can do is sulk and get jealous at the same time.

The same happened with me when I visited hunger station. The menu offers a wide range of non vegetarian dishes but it also houses delicious vegetable Lasagne in the Bake House I must admit.

I couldn’t Jeep myself from having veg steamed dim sum which disappointed me as their outer covering was opaque which i expected to be translucent but the taste was just fine.

They’ve experimented in some of the food items and the result is not bad at all. Like the dish Balti Imli Paneer with Pao is a unique mixture of some exotic Indian flavours.

hunger station
The sitting arrangement is quite good and the place has plenty of breathing space making it more comfortable.

I was surprised to see that the rates in the bill doesn’t reflect it’s location in the high class business park. So overall I’d give hunger station a thumbs up!

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