Students of IIT Guwahati arrested for sexually assaulting girls during their college...

Students of IIT Guwahati arrested for sexually assaulting girls during their college fest2 min read


Two students of IIT-Guwahati were taken into custody on Wednesday evening for allegedly sexually assaulting three girls on the night of 3rd February.

The accused, Ajay Dev (electronics engineering student) and KunalKambhakar (civil engineering student) hail from Gwalior and Rajasthan respectively. The accused met the two girls during ‘Alcheringa’, IIT Guwahati’s cultural fest. The victims on Tuesday morning filed a complaint of sexual assault against Ajay and Kunal.

As per the reports, Ajay and Kunal met the women during their hunt for the night’s accommodation and offered them water which was sedated with drugs. The girls were found in an unconscious state by one of the security guards. During the investigation, it was learned that one of the perpetrators knew one of the victims.

IIT has been under the radar of crimes since a long time! A woman research scholar of IIT-Roorkee on 1st February, filed a FIR against a fellow colleague, alleging him for sexually assaulting her.

Tushar Yadav, a student of IIT -Guwahati was found dead in his hostel room in 2014. The appointed police cleared the case by calling it a ‘case of suicide under pressure’. However, the parents of the victim demanded a fresh probe into the matter due to the pieces of evidence found leading to court’s verdict of dismissing the previous investigation.

On 25th June’17, a woman IIT scholar was molested by a sweeper while she was sleeping. About 4 years ago, an image posted on facebook warned the students and other citizens of the recurring cases of molestation in IIT-Kharagpur.

All these cases have created a sense of distrust among the students along with a big question of safety in front of the administration of the most reputed engineering’s colleges of the country.

If educated minds work like this, we wonder how we can even expect chivalry from the uneducated ones! We are deeply regretting this incident and we hope that one day, we don’t have to report for such heinous crimes.

Till then, if you can, create awareness and spread the message.