What if the class topper gives you his notes himself? The IITians...

What if the class topper gives you his notes himself? The IITians have Anubhav Jain1 min read


Exams. Yes, the most dreadful part of a student’s life!

We all wants to be considered cool (for which we bunk a lot of our lectures and the ones we attend well, they are meant to stare at our crushes).We all have our own individual ways of studying and making notes. But which way is a cut above the rest?

What if we tell you that there is a guy in class who is making notes for you (dream come true right?). Well for now, Anubhav Jain, a student of Computer Science and engineering, triumphs all, and also proves to be a savior for a number of fellow students, who are usually not present in the class.

Anubhav is in second year. He scored an astounding CGPA of 9.78 and successfully shifted from Mechanical Engineering Branch to Computer science after first year. He attends classes regularly and is always found sitting in the first or second row benches. He listens to the professors with an undivided attention even when the lecture is boring enough to induce sleep. He jots down everything, every minute details in his notes.

Mr. Jain uses 4 pens to write down his notes- Blue, Black, Green and red. Above everything, he has even created his own brand of notes. You will find his logo printed on every page his notes. His notes are very popular and the greatest part is that he is considerate enough to scan his notes and share it with every needy-fellow mate.

The only problem? He’s an IITian (darn why not in my college!)

How we wish he was our Classmate though!
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