Whaat?? Indian origin student sues Oxford University for “boring” teaching3 min read

Whaat?? Indian origin student sues Oxford University for “boring” teaching3 min read


Yes, you read it right. Faiz Siddiqui, an Oxford graduate is suing the university for £1million because he was awarded a 2:1 instead of a first-class degree.

Modern History graduate, Faiz Siddiqui, says he would have enjoyed a career as a top international commercial lawyer had he not been held back by only obtaining a 2:1 grade, after graduating in June 2000. Failing to join the academic elite ‘denied him the chance of becoming a high flying commercial barrister,’ his counsel, Roger Mallalieu, claims.

Mr. Siddiqui, who trained as a solicitor after university, says his life and career have been blighted by his failure to obtain a first class degree. He says he would have achieved his goal had it not been for “negligent” teaching of a specialist subject course on Indian imperial history during his final year.

  • He studied modern history at Brasenose and said a staff shortage meant tuition was “boring” in his final year.
  • The “boring” teaching allegedly resulted in him getting a second class degree and in turn led to a loss of earnings in his career as a lawyer.

The University admit that they had ‘difficulties’ teaching Asian history in the year Mr. Siddiqui graduated because more than half of the faculty teaching staff were on sabbatical leave at the same time.

Mr. Siddiqui, says the standard of tuition he received from Dr. David Washbrook suffered as a result of the ‘intolerable’ pressure the ’eminent historian’ was under. As a result, he says he ‘underachieved significantly’ causing his overall course grade to disaster. He is now bringing a loss of earnings claim, valued by his lawyers around at least £1m, against the Chancellor, Masters, and Scholars of the University of Oxford.

More than a dozen other students could bring similar claims against the University if Mr. Siddiqui succeeds, London’s High Court was told.

Mr. Mallalieu told the judge the problem with the course stemmed from the fact that four of the seven staff teaching Asian history were on sabbatical leave at the same time during the 1999-2000 year. He said it was a ‘clear and undisputed fact’ that there was a shortage of tutors, and that the University knew of the situation in advance. The problem ‘could have been catered for by restricting the number of students’ on the course, he added.

He said the ‘intolerable’ pressure of work on those staff remaining reduced the quality of teaching to a level which was ‘deficient’ and ‘negligent’.

He told the judge about 13 out of 15 students who received the tutoring and sat the same exam as Mr. Siddiqui ‘got their lowest or joint lowest mark’ in that subject. This is a large percentage of people who got their lowest mark in the specialist subject papers. ‘The standard of teaching was objectively unacceptable’, he claimed.

“There is no personal criticism of Washbrook. Our target is on the University’s back for allowing this to happen” Mallalieu told the court.

A judgment is expected later this month. Anything can happen in 2016, ANYTHING. Keep following for all weird and informative news!