Innovative Teaching Practices at Delhi School of Business2 min read

Innovative Teaching Practices at Delhi School of Business2 min read


Teaching Philosophy at Delhi School of Business is guided by the insightful words of Mr NR Narayanmurthy – “Students must learn to learn if they have to grow”.

These words were the key message that came from the renowned thinker and one of the greatest entrepreneurs India has even produced, during his interactive session with students of Delhi School of Business.

He highlighted that traditional education system had suffered from a lacunae of over emphasis to memorization instead of building analytical and critical thinking skills, but recent emphasis on skill development would improve the overall efficacy of the education system to a large extent.

Delhi School of Business was founded after rigorous research into what ailed the Indian Education System especially higher education and in the field of Management.  Education at higher levels is more interdisciplinary and multifunctional in its approach and applicability. Moreover, the genesis of management as a discipline is the business needs which are continuously evolving in their nature and paradigms.

In order to map the dynamic landscape of business environment, education pedagogy and content need to be revised frequently. Newer business problems need innovative solutions which cannot be created in a laboratory. Innovative solutions emerge from a new outlook and perspective to the problem and its prospective solutions. The new outlook emerges from lateral thinking and creating newer solutions which are out of the box.

This thinking cannot be learnt like a concept but can be honed and developed with practise. Constantly training the mind to think differently alone can program the mind to think unlike the usual ways of thinking.

Constant driving of the mind to find innovative answers to business problems and thinking of methods and practices to bring about business sustainability is the essence of learning culture at Delhi School of Business.

These business problems are guised as cases discussed in classrooms to exercise the minds of students aspiring to be future decision makers. Decision making capability is developed through constant problem solving both inside and outside classrooms. Mere teaching of concepts does not develop the capability to make business decisions. Concepts are tools to be used but decisions are much broader in their scope and effect.

As Steve Jobs said – A lot of people in our industry haven’t had very diverse experiences. So they don’t have enough dots to connect and they end up with very linear solutions without a broad perspective on the problem. The broader ones understanding of the human experience, the better design we will have.

Moving a step further with the learning process at DSB, is the dimension of instilling human values in students to help them be better human beings over and above being excellent professionals. The values of Integrity, Patience, Righteousness, Responsible Citizenship and Standing for right things in life are the values instilled in students.

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  1. Delhi school of business is taking the studies a step further through its innovative teaching practices which will help the students when they will face the business situation in reality.. I believ it’s a great way of letting students know the reality of business and entrepreneurship and brilliant step by the school