From iPhone’s Toddler Age Till Its Teenage: Comparing The Models4 min...

From iPhone’s Toddler Age Till Its Teenage: Comparing The Models4 min read


iPhone! Well, the mid-semester break is over now; Samsung S7 and S7 edge have made a successful entry in the market on 18th March and are giving a tough competition to the Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6S along with 5Se. Apple has come a long way from the first generation 2G iPhone to the latest iPhone 5Se plus. Let us look at some of the major improvements in technology and physical attributes, shall we? Read on guys :


Anyhow, the iPhone lovers will still remain blind followers of the brand, no matter if the other brand comes up with whatever technology. We all passionately wait for the next iPhone models as soon as we have bought the latest model and they are in our hands! ( It is strange but it is true). But this time around, let us peep into the past and look how Apple has built an entire empire with the help of the iPhone series which started with the IPhone 2G model.




·        Have an Apple and keep the style at apex!

It all started for Apple in the year 2007 when Steve Jobs introduced the world to the first generation iPhone which had iOS 1.0 operating system with a display of 3.5inch 480×320 at 163 PPI (It seems like it was introduced back in Stone Age!). It was first of its kind and an amalgamation of iPod + Mobile Phone + the Internet.

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  • Then came in the iPhone 3G in the year, 2008 which was obviously better than its predecessor but more than that the hype for iPhone was really astonishing. Although, the display remained same but it came loaded with extra internal space and lesser battery backup.
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  • The next came in the Apple 3GS, which was an upgraded version of iPhone 3G. Although there were not many significant changes, it came with a 3 megapixel camera and an additional application for camcorder. The processor also did not have a major change and had a difference of just 200 MHz from the older version i.e. 600 MHz
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·        Well? Something had to really change!




Well, the minimal number of physical changes have been one of the major drawbacks in some of the older variants of the iPhone and even if there were some changes they were not commendable EXCEPT their thinness.



·        The change did come in? Let’s us compare some of the latest models.


Eureka‼ Eureka! Yes, there were finally some changes in the physical attributes of the iPhone. Guess what? They made the mobile phones with a bit larger screen in a period when there were phones coming out with a display screen of 4.5inch or 5inch, they came out with an improved model of 4 inch screen in iPhone 5 (Although, I am not criticizing the software advancement and stability of mobile phones produced by Apple but something had to change in the physical features too!).

The CPU and the GPU got a big elevation from the earlier models. It was 800MHz for iPhone 4s but for iPhone 5c it was 1300MHz swift and 1300MHz Cyclone for 5s.

·        Dude is that an iPhone? Man you’re my bff!


Well, today buying an iPhone has become more of a status symbol (at least, in India). What? You feel that what I am saying is wrong? If you have an iPhone and you don’t put it on the table to show off it’s awesomeness then we are sorry, donate your iPhone!

The latest species!


Anyways, let us talk about the latest lot of the iPhone which you can find in your richest to the modest friend’s hand, our DU teachers, don’t underestimate the ones who buy them from Singapore or 1st hand copy. In short you can find iphone anywhere and in anyone’s hand.

But then it is no wrong as the iPhone comes with one of the best operating systems and gives a hefty competition to the S series of Samsung and many other phones. Anyways when it comes to heating problems and the problem of lags, iPhone is way better in comparison with some of its counterparts!

When one compares the latest model i.e. 5Se with the rest of the 6 series then you can find a 12-megapixel rear camera with almost same specifications as the other iPhone models of the 6 series and some of the other common features are 4K video recording, live photos and a True Tone flash. Although, the selfie freaks might not be very happy as they will get a low-resolution front camera of 1.2 megapixels but it will have the Retina flash like the iPhone 6S.

Anyways, you would be getting the Touch ID and NFC features which means Apple Pay support can be used by you in 5Se which was iPhone 5S did not offer you.


·        The end!

The war between Apple and android will go on forever but the fan following for Apple is really commendable and will take something really special from the android section to say one day that………(see the picture for answer)


Thank you!

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