Kohlan University in Jharkhand makes Martial Arts complusary for female students2 min...

Kohlan University in Jharkhand makes Martial Arts complusary for female students2 min read


In India, crimes against women are increasing day by day and most of them go unreported. Mostly the targeted women are unaware of their surroundings. Most of the candle marches and protests have done no good till date.

As a step against such crimes, Kolhan University in Jharkhand has come out with a new rule which makes Martial arts compulsory for all female students in five of its colleges. It is all set to introduce a course in January 2017 aimed at training girls in self-defense.

8000 students, who are likely to benefit from this training, will not have to pay any additional fee for the program. The course would be covered under a period of 6 months and will also lay emphasis on yoga and theoretical studies.

According to the University Vice Chancellor RRP Singh, the move will thwart sexual crimes against women in society as they will not be defenceless against attackers.

The girls will be given a certificate for the training. Attendance in these classes shall be compulsory to be able to sit for final exams. However, the marks in these classes will not be added to the final report of the University.

“The University has taken a major step towards empowering girls to deal with anti-social elements”, said Usha Shukla, professor-in-charge of the Graduate School College for Women in Jamshedpur.

We hope that the girls show their interest in this training program and make this step a success. Moreover, other universities should also introduce such steps so that crimes against women could be reduced. We believe that Women in every society should be self-sufficient and independent, and every university, like Kolhan University, should initiate reforms alike for its appraisal and benefits! To protect your own self is what every institution should promote!

In the light of recent molestation cases in Bengaluru on NYE, it becomes all the more important to pay heed to this issue. When “educated” people can stoop to such level, an under-educated state can only be prone to a more serious instance! We are proud of this liberating step of Kolhan University and hope that other universities will also see it as a strong example.

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Edits By: Palak Dawar