JNU Students burn effigies of PM Modi, Ramdev and other leaders1 min...

JNU Students burn effigies of PM Modi, Ramdev and other leaders1 min read

source: indiatvnews.com

JNU students again grabbed limelight when NSUI, a Congress backed students party, celebrated Dussehra by burning the effigy of PM Modi and Ramdev as Ravana, a symbol of evil. The other heads included the face of President Amit Shah, Nathuram Godse, Sadhvi Pragya, Asaram Bapu and a few others.

NSUI claimed that it was a protest against the Centre’s failure in honoring its promises and the continuous attacks on various educational institutions across the country.“The effigy-burning was to symbolize our dissatisfaction with the current government. The idea is to root out the evil from governance and bring about a system that is pro-student and pro-people,” said Sunny Diman, an NSUI activist and the outfit’s candidate in the recently-concluded JNUSU polls.

“Look at what this government has done to our country. The promises it made are still on paper and are repeated only in speeches. Whenever students want to raise their voice, they are attacked by the administration, certainly on instructions from the government. This Dussehra, we wanted to put an end to these rubbish activities,” he added.

BJP affiliated ABVP alleged that these acts were planned and inspired after Indian troops carried surgical strikes across LOC.

The effigy was burnt at the famous Saraswati Dhaba in the JNU campus. University officials, when contacted, were tight-lipped about whether the students had sought permission for the event or not.

Here is the direct link of the “celebration” which took place – https://youtu.be/lTbelcsI7iA

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