Kapil Sharma’s Angrezipanti cannot be missed!2 min read

Kapil Sharma’s Angrezipanti cannot be missed!2 min read

kapil sharma's angrezipanti

“English nahi aati? Haw ! Aaj ke time pe kaam kaise chalega tera ?”

Heard it often?


English is the second most spoken language in the world. It sets one common base for people from different countries to connect with each other. India is no different. Indians today have cultivated the habit of judging a person by their capability of whether they can speak English or not. But nobody ever cares if a person sitting in Maharashtra can or cannot speak the language of Assam. People have become so English-oriented that they have stopped giving preference to their own native language.

Throwing light on the same issue is the latest video of the famous comedian Kapil Sharma. Kapil Sharma is known to converse in Hindi in his shows and interviews. The video that has been launched features him enacting a fighting sequence on a set. Once the scene cuts, a junior artist comes up to him and asks for a Selfie. As soon as they finish clicking pictures, Kapil moves away and the junior artist is shown having an awe-struck moment for him when a boy from the crew comes up to him for not acting and properly in “English”. When the junior artist asks him to repeat everything that he had said in “Hindi”, the guy gives him a look of disbelief and says “English nahi aati and you want to become and actor”?

At that very moment comes Kapil asking the boy’s name politely. The name of the crew member turns out to be Rajesh, to which Kapil reacts, “Robert rakh lete, angrezi mei”. Further explaining the crux of the matter to Rajesh, he says that Indians have become so reluctant towards speaking in their mother tongue. (while having grasped the wrong meaning of modernization which is speaking “English”) The problem is that we ignore our own language whereas students, scientists and politicians of various countries like Japan, Russia, China, Germany etc take pride in their native language. Our own Prime Minister spoke in our national language with full pride in a country where English is the sole language which is spoken and understood by all. But a few geniuses think that “Jo angrezi jhaadega, vahi jhande gaadega”.

“Angrezi bolo lekin usko deewar mat banao yar”, says the ace comedian. The comedian says that at the end of the day, the only thing which matters is your talent- that’s what shines and not your ability to speak English. Ending scene of the video shows him behaving sarcastically with the junior artist in Hindi, very politely.

Thus, in a subtle manner, Kapil up fronts a very grave issue. After all, talent and hard work are the only basis to sustain in a field.

Catch up the latest video of the comedian here and show it to your peeps as well: