The Kick Start Summit-New Delhi2 min read

The Kick Start Summit-New Delhi2 min read


The Kick Start Summit was held on 2nd April 2016, Saturday in New Delhi at the India International

Centre, Lodhi Road. This magnum opus was hosted by the Chennai based startup ‘The Climber’,

recognised as the "Best Early Stage Startup" in India, incubated and funded by IIM Bangalore in

association with Your Story and Letsintern.

The event saw a plethora of entrepreneurs from various fields in the industry ranging from social

entrepreneurship to co-working space industry coming and inspiring an august gathering of over 60

curious people. The event saw various inspirational entrepreneurs come on board to pour their hearts in

a candid session about their entrepreneurial ventures.

Mr. Siddhartha Ahluwalia share about  his start up – BW Accelerate. Ahluwalia elucidated on the need to

have a broad horizon in order to start a company. Next up was Mr. Nishant mittal who successfully

stirred up inspiration among our attendees by talking about the amazing idea of The Testament and

shared his experiences of and lessons learnt from building a start up with his college mates. His speech

struck a chord among attendees as he called out to everyone to become a go-getter and a risk taker.

One of the speakers also included Ms. Shruti Chaturvedi and her social media venture Chaipaani.

Chaturvedi's zeal to reach out to people no matter how remote their thoughts or location was well

received by the audience. The name of the company "Chaipaani" sent out the important message that a

company may not have the most illustrious kick-start or name but a strong intent to reach out to the

society through the power of dialogue never fails to gain momentum and recognition.

Also present were Ms. Chandini Aggarwal of Rural Odyssey and Mr. Arpit Sarin from Dawailelo who

shared their mesmerizing stories on  how important it is to have a definite plan and structure. Empty

thoughts and ideas without any concrete form can never have a successfully execution and run in the


The event also saw the inclusion of many new concepts such as crowdfunding being elucidated by Ms

Prarthana Gupta. She spoke at length about crowdfunding and its various aspects.