Who know nothing about Game of Thrones?

Haha had to include this over here!


Anyhow, hello friends! I guess a lot about fashion and shoes has already been talked about in past few weeks.

Did you ever wonder that what is the best thing to do in vacations?


I can tell you without a second doubt and this will apply for most of us.

Please go through these steps carefully as they are essential for a good summer break!

Step 1

Please do not get up before 11am (sorry had to put up a bit decent and imaginary timeline, cannot say 1pm)


Step 2

Get hold of your blanket, wear those loose pyjamas, turn of the lights, turn your laptop on, and put your hand inside the blanket and….


One min, hold on, what are you thinking? Huh?

I just meant this

Step 3

Just click on the Game of Thrones season 1 episode 1 and enjoy the marathon‼

Step 4

Repeat step 3


Step 5

Repeat step 4

And let your heart experience shrills and Goosebumps!



What is the hype about? What is this GOT?

Well Game of Thrones has become the most popular TV series because of quite a few reasons and it is the freshness which attracts the TV series lovers to GOT. It is based on the novel series by George R.R. Martin. The series is fantasy English drama and was first aired on April 17th of 2011 on HBO. The series is weaved around various characters and incidents of Westeros and Essos.

Who know nothing about Game of Thrones


What is good about GOT?


  1. For all those who are sick of “protagonist wins and antagonist dies!” theme of bollywood movies, this is a perfect getaway.

Who know nothing about Game of Thrones

  1. The person you start aspiring for, is killed the very next moment
  2. Girls! Please do not fall for any lord as they might leave you in the end saying, “why R.R. Martin, why?”



Who know nothing about Game of Thrones

  1. Guys, no need to search for any actress on your incognito windows, just keep watching the series. LOL

  1. The moment you feel “phew! Peace finally, another fiasco erupts”




  1. As soon as you feel, “Gotcha! R.R.Martin”, the very next moment you feel like a dumb!
  2. The last minute teaser of episodes, do not have endless loops like Indian Soap and will keep you talking for the entire week!

Who know nothing about Game of Thrones




  1. It will keep challenging your presumptions and still be one step ahead of you, ALWAYS (Aye, I stole this from Professor Snape)




  1. The setting of all the scenes and costume designs leaves us speechless and viewer wishes to be in the very setting


  1. Different philosophies and unsolved mysteries regarding various characters and their fate in the show will keep you engrossed, if you start exploring the internet.



So, I guess all the GOT lovers would feel that I did justice to this article, anyhow, if you feel that I have missed a few points then feel free to comment and share this post!

And the new fans would definitely have got an idea as to what they can expect from GOT. Repeating it again-‘DONOT LIKE ANYONE!”

Until next time





Valar Morghulis!