These factors will help you in selecting your Kickass College!4 min read

These factors will help you in selecting your Kickass College!4 min read

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It’s that time of the year again. It has been only a month since board  exams got over and guess what? The admissions race starts all over again.

The race to claim a seat in the best colleges of the country.

And on top of that the stakes are even higher this time because no matter what, a student doesn’t  want to end up in a college that’s not counted in the list of the “most prestigious institutions of the country” .

Not because we’re not okay with getting admission in any other colleges but because of one main reason.

A reason that can be counted as one of the major causes of increasing competition between friends and daily world wars that are fought in every Indian student’s homes between the student and their parents.

Yes you got it right:

The parents, neighbours and relatives ke taane.

Admit it, we all put that extra effort daily while we’re studying thinking about this and using it as motivation just to compete for a seat in a college that has a better ranking than the one in which our neighbour got a seat in.

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But really? I that justified? Is it the only factor that we should keep in mind [even though I admit that it’s great feeling to get a better college than your neighbour or cousin] when we’re selecting a good college?

Our whole career and student life also depends upon the type of college that we select and these are some factors which we just  can’t ignore.

So long story cut short here are some FACTORS that we should consider before selecting a college that will help you to lead a happy student life but will also help you with better career prospects. Cool yeah!!

  • Choose your career wisely and irrespective of your board exam results. Leaving the deciding part for later and waiting for the result is the most common mistake that students make.If you have a career in mind then you can go for a college that provides facilities for the same.

  • A bit of Research on your part would certainly help you to select a college that suits you better than selecting a random college.Consider your interests and skills that you excel in and see if the college provides facilities to practice and improve those skills as only academics won’t count in your resume.

  • Another important thing to consider is the college’s infrastructure. It’s a myth that colleges with better infrastructure don’t excel in academics but that’s not true as all the colleges nowadays are focusing on improving infrastructure.And besides that it will also help you to brag about how big your college campus is and how it is fully air conditioned.


  • Research about the college’s teaching faculty as they are the ones who are going to help you and guide you in your field.


  • And last but not the least look for a college that has a Good crowd as a good crowd will help to lift your spirit and enthusiasm.

So you see there’s a lot more than you think you should consider before selecting a college that suits you than only competing with your cousins and relatives.

What really matters is how you want to go about your career.

Going after prestige isn’t always the right approach as you don’t want to end up in a college where you feel like you don’t belong there.

IIT’S , IIM’S and Delhi university are not your only available options anymore. A lot of new universities are providing proper infrastructure and facilities that will certainly help you excel in your career.

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