5 legit reasons why library is definitely better than the internet3 min...

5 legit reasons why library is definitely better than the internet3 min read


There are two possible places to gain knowledge from – the library and the internet, not that one is superior to the other. This can be an interesting topic for a debate but our vote goes to the place where we can actually feel the words tangibly. Yes, the library.

It’s like the library has got fewer cons and more pros, how?

We shall see, here are 5 reasons on why the library is better than the internet:

  1. Library gives you specific choices whereas the internet creates dilemmas.

    The search engine on the internet displays everything except what you actually want. You got to browse through a lot until you finally reach your destination whereas this doesn’t happen with the library.  You can always choose a specific book.

For instance, you want to know about an essay dealing with an introduction to a very famous book, good luck finding that on the internet!

  1. Books don’t publicise advertisements, thank god!

The Internet these days is overloaded with pop ups and advertisement, and it’s hard to convince yourself that you have opened the right page and not the advertisements whereas in the library you don’t have to deal with advertisements at all.

Isn’t it pleasurable to get rid of unnecessary beauty products ad while studying?


  1. Reliability (books are reliable best friends)

The publishing of books goes through a lot of refinery processes and it is made sure that the information is true to its knowledge whereas content on the Internet is more often than not,  unreliable and a lot of data now days is uploaded by common folk which makes it difficult to bank upon.

So what is your pick? A Wikipedia article edited by an average human or a detailed, well-researched book by an acknowledged author?


  1. The non-distracting surrounding.

The Internet is full of temptations, to look for something even you accept won’t be beneficial for you, actively makes use of dopamine for distracting you but the library, on the contrary, will always encourage you to shut your thoughts up and concentrate on your work. The peaceful surrounding works as a catalyst to your study time.

And you just CANNOT deny this one.


  1. Not the virtual but real feel.

Apart from all the reasons mentioned above, this one might not make much sense but you’ll realise once you feel the pages of books and the smell of books! It has got the magic which internet probably will never possess.

Book lovers know it all. It indulges you in an entirely different world, the imaginary yet the real world. You can feel a book but not the internet. Tangibility matters!

Plus there are various health problems associated with the internet. The radiations are very harmful and it also has adverse effects on our eyes. Not that internet is not a good place to gain knowledge from but still, the library is where we must go.

Echo our thoughts or oppose them? Let us know in the comments below!