Independent team from Hansraj College launches diwali campaign for the underprivileged2 min...

Independent team from Hansraj College launches diwali campaign for the underprivileged2 min read


An independent team led by Naman Jain from  Hans Raj college has initiated two noble campaigns- ‘Let’s spread Love’ and ‘Share the Love’ with a vision of helping the needy and helpless people by making some contribution of clothes and sweets etc. They aim to make life of these people little better by their little contribution.

This Diwali lets share love with those who have none

In an Interview Naman talked,” I had a dream of making a charity where i had taken the initiative of making such a small contribution of offering clothes and sweets etc to the needy people as we  generally gift some expensive items  to our relatives on the festival of Diwali and enlighten their homes with splendid things. So, I come forward and   Want to spread happiness for them who have no one on their side. ”

THE MISSION of the campaign is to spread love and shower happiness on those hapless people who are left destitute by their destiny and doomed to suffer impoverished life. We feel pity to see the predicament of those families who dwell on streets, who die for a morsel to eat, and yearns for piece of cloth to cover their bodies.

LET’S SPREAD LOVE aims to distribute clothes contributed by CLOTHES BOX FOUNDATION, sweets and chocolates which are contributed by YOU CAN FOUNDATION and TEAM ‘LETS SPREAD LOVE ‘ together as a token of love and generosity to the needy and helpless people.


They plan to execute the donation drive on 25th ,26th or 27th  October, before Diwali.

The locations are ISBT Kashmere gate and Seemapuri slum.

The event link :

SHARE THE LOVE is yet another effort of the team to reach to the mass.

When asked Naman jain, he exclaimed, “we are taking up this initiative since as a team we can reach to 500-1000 people but this campaign will make us reach thousands more. Imagine thousands of people who’ll be helped by the campaign”.

In this campaign,

Individual efforts are needed

1) one can donate anything whether a chocolate, toffee, biscuit etc

2) They can click a picture and the team will post on their event

3) Cherish the smile on those faces

Another  team member said “ We are receiving a lot of appreciation and  contribution from all around and we are highly motivated to make the initiative a success but we also receive criticism since people consider it as marketing of generous things but we are promoting the campaign so that we can help as many as we can”

The team consists of various members namely – Naman Jain, Karan Jain, Yogita Malhotra , Sourabh Singhal , Vinayak Khandelwal , Taranjeet Saini , Hricha Shandily.