Leaders for Tomorrow organizes Adopt a Plant in DSEC2 min read

Leaders for Tomorrow organizes Adopt a Plant in DSEC2 min read


Trees are the most important tools in the fight to stop global warming. They inhabited this planet before homo-sapiens and today we kill them ruthlessly for our selfish needs.

To make the world greener, LEADERS FOR TOMMOROW – DSEC organized a Plant Adopting event, “ADAPT- Adopt A Plant” at Dyal Singh Evening College on 30th September 2016 at 2:00 pm, where 80 saplings were planted during the event.


The event was inaugurated by the Principal of the college Dr. Pawan Kumar Sharma in the presence of Prof. Poonam Gupta, Head of Commerce Department. The event was executed with “Go Green” rally, Sapling Plantation and a Painting Competition planned and organized by Leaders For Tomorrow.

Before the commencement of the event, about 35 volunteers took part in the “Earth Friendly Rally” observance at 2:15pm in College Campus – bringing the message of ‘Go Green’ by holding plant saplings in their hands which they were going to adopt. It was a great opportunity to bring out students and aware them about the importance of trees.


Then the event continued with a choir “EARTH DAY SONG” presented by RISHABH, the Music Society which connected the students to the benefits of trees and fostered environmental stewardship. During the event, the Principal of the college said, “Trees are essential for life. Due to the unprecedented cutting of trees, the whole ecological balance has been disturbed which is quite harmful for us. It is necessary to wake ourselves up and work for saving the environment.”

He personally motivated the students for lending a helping hand in saving the environment by adopting Plants.

In addition to Plant Adoption, Leaders for Tomorrow organised a Painting Competition on the topic “Green Earth” which was held keeping in mind the interest of the students. ‘Dextra’, a social networking platform for artists, sponsored for the cash prizes for this competition. Vidhi Agarwal won the first prize in it.


The event was successful enough to encourage more students. Leaders For Tomorrow feels that it has set a milestone with this event and they would surely like to contribute more for saving the environment.

We, at Campus Drift support and promote such heart warming activities and we look forward to a time where global warming would be a thing of the past. Congratulations to the organizers of the event.

Keep following and GO GREEN!

Covered by Shubham Jain for Campus Drift.