IRRESISTIBLY HOT Lipstick Shades for this Festive Season!3 min read

IRRESISTIBLY HOT Lipstick Shades for this Festive Season!3 min read


Edits By: Palak Dawar

Seasons and moods go hand in hand. Every season brings along different tastes of color. No matter whether it is the color of clothes, color of footwear, color of hair, color of lingerie or even the color of the lipstick you put on. You always want your color taste grade to be the best out of rest. So for the upcoming festive season, here are some irresistible shades of lipstick every girl MUST own.

  1. Blood Red


When it is about packing up your make-up kit, girls, you must not forget red lipstick. It serves as the crown to a princess. It brings out the boldness of a woman and also provides a pinch of mischievousness on her face.

Two things you need to take care of while applying a Red shade.

  1. check properly which type of lipstick suits your body tone, “MATTE” or “GLOSSY” .
  2. If you want to apply a lip-liner, you need to be very precise and accurate with the color. Either choose the exact same tone as that of the lipstick or a shade darker.

Do not go off shade to give it a dual tone appearance which will unfortunately make your lips pop out.

  1. Classic Wine


When you are confused about which color will go with your skin tone, classic wine won’t disappoint you. This is that one color which will act as every girl’s best friend.

One rule while using this shade is to remember to not darken it, if you are in your young 20’s. Instead apply a transparent gloss after coloring your lips with this classic shade. Carry this strong color with confidence.

  1. Baby Pink


Well, if red doesn’t suit you for boldness then trust me “Red is always not the bold color in your make-up kit “. You can still look bold, confident and sexy all at once if you keep your shade a bit lighter than the rest. Baby pink in MATTE will do this work for you, girls. This is one of the best colors to bring that girlish look on your face. No need to apply a lip-liner with this. This shade is marked as unmistakably feminine: think baby spice meets birthday cake frosting. This pink hue with extra baby shade will make you shine bright in the party full of red.

  1. Skin Nude


And then a single shade has been developed for those who hesitate to go out while putting on some color on their lips, because WE GO NATURAL!

“Skin Nude” matches your skin tone and there’s no denying you’ll make a statement when ever and where ever you wear it. This is considered as “A Shade for ANY Season”.

We are sure about these shades and we are sure about you looking great with these too! So go out and go stylish while rocking the Diwali party.

PRO TIP: take extra care if you don’t want your lip color to bleed. To avoid this, put some concealer around your lips, and here, Go Girl!

Tag your friends to help them, for “A friend in need is a friend indeed!”.

“Check your attitude by the color you wear and rock any party, any time”