LSR girl recently got sexually assaulted and the police names it normal6...

LSR girl recently got sexually assaulted and the police names it normal6 min read


They say keep your girls confined within the walls of your house, as Delhi is no longer safe.

“Don’t let her go out late at night!”- Something we get to hear all the time and no matter how big a rebel we are, we all somewhat believe the same. Okay. Understood! Girls shouldn’t go out at night (as per your sick and hypocrite rules).

But what if I tell you that your accommodations, that you find the most secure are no longer so! Hard to digest right? Maybe this incident will help you understand it better.

A case of harassment  came into limelight (recently) when a Student of Lady Shri Ram college, shared an incident that took place with her, on a Facebook page- PINJRATOD (an autonomous collective effort to ensure secure, affordable and no gender-discriminatory accommodation for women students across Delhi).

In the post she narrated the entire incident of her encounter with a goon in her PG in Lajpat Nagar area of Delhi. She shared some terrifying details about the entire incident. This is how the complete account goes-

“On 8th September, Thursday, when my classes got over, I came back to my PG and started preparing my lunch. I was not feeling well so I wanted to eat something healthy. I felt someone’s presence in the kitchen. I thought it must the man who cleans the dustbins so I ignored it and kept my eyes on the stove.

Suddenly, someone kept his beer can on the slab. I turned back and saw a drunk man standing behind me. Just behind me. His pants were unbuttoned and his penis was in his hand. I managed to pull a chair from the kitchen and pushed the man away and locked myself in my room which is adjacent to the kitchen. He kept on knocking at my door for the next few minutes and after that he got inside another room. I called up the caretaker of the PG who lives on the fourth floor of the same building. He quickly came up. He looked for the man and found out that he had gotten inside another room. My PG owner’s daughter-in-law happened to be on our floor at that time and she didn’t let me call up the police and called the owner instead. The owner was stuck in traffic and came 40 minutes late. The man was inside the room for that time and he took off his pants and rolled my PGmate’s magazines, by tying them up with her rubber band, to play with his penis.

When the PG owner arrived, he beat the man up and let him go and didn’t let us file a police complaint. On our request,the owner decided to change the gate of the PG as the current gate can be opened by anyone from outside or inside. The girl in whose room, the man was present for those 40 minutes felt disgusted with the sight of her own room and called up police when she returned from her job at 11 p.m.

We called two policemen and the PG owner called up some head constable,Shyam Sunder, with whom he is on good terms.

PG owner and the policemen gave us lectures on how we shouldn’t go out after 11. And about how girlfriends and boyfriends sit in the park and it becomes difficult for the police to take action against everyone. As if, there’s no difference between making out with one’s boyfriend with consent and getting raped! Apparently, the police is obliged to catch the couples and not the accused, which has no logic.

The scene was captured on CCTV cameras, yet the policemen and my PG owner didn’t let us file a complaint. Their argument was- ” Ladki jaat ho, kya court kacheri jaogi. Kuch nahi hoga case karne se. Ek din bhi nahi rakhte hein is cheez ke liye custody mein.” PG owner was more concerned about the reputation of his PG than our safety. He went on to talk about thefts and didn’t understand that there is a difference between his electric motor and our bodies.

The policemen were laughing while watching the CCTV footage, which is disgusting! They even told me that what I mentioned was not visible in the CCTV as if I was lying. While, it was clearly visible that the man was unbuttoning his pants. When I watched the footage, I found it horrific! While, my PG owner’s son, who also looks after the PG, and the police constables, found it funny.

Can’t process this.

The police wasn’t supportive at all. They said even if I file a complaint and the man is caught, they cannot keep him inside the jail. They’ll leave him after one day. When police constables react in this way, how do we expect justice in this society? Also, according to them it would not be wise for me to take an action, as the man’s friends would take “revenge” from me and I can become a victim of acid attack or something. My PG owner had the audacity to call the man a ” baccha”. He was referring to him as “baccha” again and again. He said, “Ye 7 bacche hein, mere saamne hi bade hue hein ye bacche. Yahin Sapna cinemas ke paas bethte hein.” He doesn’t know his date of birth, yet he was claiming that man was a juvenile and I cannot take action against him. The policemen and PG owner were saying that the man was high on drugs and alcohol, therefore he entered. According to me, this is something which cannot be used in his favor but against him. His actions clearly amount to harassment and intended sexual assault. Even though I managed to push him away, when I checked the CCTV footage, the man was standing outside the door and waiting for me to come out and was continuously knocking at the door for the next few minutes. He didn’t just let it go.

I have always been taught by my parents, teachers and friends, to fight for myself and speak up. Not taking an action would be something that I cannot accept. That would be equal to indirectly promoting such acts. Women Development Cell, LSR coordinators and members along with my PG mates are willing to support me to take an action. I cannot let these men get away with this so easily. Even the behaviour of police constable, Shyam Sunder, Amar Colony police station, is not acceptable. When someone wants to take an action, it is the duty of the police to support them, instead of laughing it off and manipulating their decision.”


The entire incident raises a few questions-

  1. Are women in this city (or nation) safe at home?
  2. If Not, Then where are the women supposed to go?
  3. Is something going to happen or the world will continue to threaten them?
  4. Whom can they depend upon for justice (Keeping in mind the attitude of the authorities)?

After coming across such heinous incidents, will a girl ever be able stay anywhere without worrying? Does anyone have the answers to the above questions? We know that she will be blamed again (for some new reason) but we are sure that one day the blame games will run out of excuses and THEN India will have to face the reality.


Share in your circle to create awareness and voice out against these horrific activities.