Men Rights – Life doesn’t follow Gender Bias4 min read

Men Rights – Life doesn’t follow Gender Bias4 min read

source: buzzfeed

“Women’s Empowerment”, “Women’s Rights”; we hear these terms almost on a daily basis, in some context or the other.

A march against rapists yesterday, a viral YouTube video today, an ad campaign tomorrow. “Women’s Empowerment” and related terms are used almost as many times in a day as there are number of decimal places in a pi.

NEWS FLASH : Life is almost as hard hitting for men (if not more), as it is for women.

But we, in our bid to bring subdued women to the forefront and revolutionize their role in society, have forgotten that men, too, have an integral part to play in the world (yes, they are not utterly useless) and their woes also need to be acknowledged and attended to. So, let us today take a moment or two to highlight something no one seems to talk or care about these days: “Men’s Rights!”



On one hand, we talk about equal rights for men and women, and on the other, we take the one measure that aims to undo just that. Reservation.  Reservation for  women in colleges. Reservation for women in Parliament. Hell, reservation of seats for women in the general coaches of the Metro! Women are competent enough to make a cut for themselves in life. All reservation does is to make the men worse off, by reducing the number of opportunities available to them in education as well as in jobs. Just as cast reservation is not acceptable, reservation on the basis of gender is also not acceptable, whichever one it may be against.


source: buzzfeed
source: buzzfeed

Who hasn’t heard the name of Lady Sri Ram College for Women (LSR) (except those living under a rock). Ever heard of a Sir Sri Ram College for Men? No? Why? Because no such college exists. You can make a long list of premier women’s only educational institutions. Agreed, they were created to promote women’s education. But the need for such institutions has expired long ago, and the only purpose they serve today is to make the task of securing admission in a premier college next to impossible for men especially in courses like Psychology. The majority of colleges teaching this course are all Women’s Colleges. What are men supposed to do! No wonder people end up getting fake degrees if getting a real one is so improbable!



You must have read about at least one molestation case against women (if you read the news, then that is so). Not many cases are reported against men though. The world is so safe for men, isn’t it? No. It isn’t.

Sexual assault against men is in fact, a reality (Check this out if you don’t believe it). The reason why you do not hear about it so often should be quite clear. So many women are afraid of reporting such stuff, apprehensive of the “society”.

In the world where we have been raised on the concept of “men are strong and men don’t cry”, do you really think any of them will ever even care to acknowledge something of that sort, let alone file a case to let the world know? You know the answer.

Men are subjective to desires of sex, and are considered to be the ones to demand, but if women can break this stereotype, being enough “empowered” by the society, why not let the men do the same? Why not let them cry their agonies out too? Considering a woman trying to fulfill her bodily needs, leaves a man after she is done, isn’t that a rape too? Such cases my friend, are never reported, society being the judiciary independent of rational logic!

If a man cries, he is considered “weak”. If a man wears pink , he is termed “girlish” and becomes a subject of ridicule. In the Metro a man is expected to give up his seat for women. To top it all, the expectations from men : being the “head of the family”. Life is not so easy going for men all the time. Stop to think of it for a while. A man, is a man, just like a woman!

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