Wanna meet cool strangers via amazing houseparties? We found the best platform...

Wanna meet cool strangers via amazing houseparties? We found the best platform for you2 min read



You’ll agree with me when I say that managing relationships and meeting new people in the digital world is a sham!

We either keep going out with the same set of friends or try digital apps like Tinder/Truly Madly to meet new ones. But let’s face it, all these digital apps are either full of creeps or with people looking for flings. Meeting new and genuine people is such a fight for a person.

Savior for our doomed not so social life!

What if we get something which provides us with home comfort, nice people to socialize with, no dress codes, no obligations just some light music, good food, somber setting and fun nights at random places with random nice people!

Source: Scoot

Seems unrealistic right?

Not really, this is what an organisation called Scoot has been doing since last few months and it has been successful in building up friendships and enlarge groups and be the fresh air for us.

What is it and how it works?

Well, no rocket science guys. You are supposed to sign up for events for which scoot publishes via social media and the fees charged is as nominal as 300 to 700 rupees for a evening which starts as early as 7pm un till 3am.

After this, the people at Scoot work with a host and co-ordinate for booze and food. The guests are also free to bring their own booze and food. They’ve organised themes like pyjama night, spooky night, board game night, masquerade networking houseparty and many more.

Source: Scoot FB Page
Source: Scoot
Source: Scoot

So if the thought of meeting up random people, getting to know different experiences and stories and give a new tangent to your night lives then scoot is one of the most amazing applications for people like us, who are good at scrolling pictures quickly and still being able to notice each and every picture on Instagram, students like us who like each and every post of chacha, mausi and still after liking all the posts on the Facebook we are not sure what posts did we actually like.

Here are the relevant links of Scoot for you to check out:

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So, anyone here tried scoot yet? How has been your experience?
Do share it with a friend who should definitely see this.