Men Can Complaint for Rapes Too! This is Why2 min read

Men Can Complaint for Rapes Too! This is Why2 min read


Filing a Sexual Harassment Complaint- Can “HE”?Men Can Complaint

/ Even “HE” Can, says UGC.Men Can Complain

The University Grants Commission has made sexual harassment cases gender neutral. Now even male students can file sexual harassment complaints against students of other gender. With this UGC moves a step forward, treating male victims at par with female victims.

The biggest democracy of the world suffers from gender biased laws, and thanks to the stereotypes prevailing which did not allow any space for improvement.

The University Grants Commission’s (UGC) measures state institutions must act assertively when dealing with gender-based violence against employees and students, regardless of sex, reports India’s The Telegraph. The UGC also accepted that something like this was in line for a long period. Since a complaint of sexual harassment was filed against a Ramjas College teacher by two male students.

The new rules would allow others to file complaints on the behalf of victim as well, if he himself is unable to. All the educational institutions have been ordered to setup internal complaints committee, and to review the complaints within 90 days, failing to which would attract deduction in grants.

Will this step by UGC alone will solve the problem? Should not it be included as an offence under Violence Act? Are not men a victim to physical and psychological torture?

Indian laws are made for the protection of women and men are supposed to take care of themselves all alone. And still we call it a Men-dominated society!!

Why aren’t after divorce parental rights and obligations equitable for both the partner? Why should men bear all the expenses?

Why don’t we have a dedicated ministry for protection of rights of a man?

Domestic Violence Act, 2005 has no mention whatsoever of husbands being the victim. WTF!!

The entire world celebrate Women’s Day on March 8, there is one more day to celebrate 19th November International Men’s Day. Feminism stands for equality of sexes and NOT the end of the race called “men”.

Though it is good enough that UGC is taking moves for men as well, it would be better if the penalty for the crime is made a little stern.

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