Mid-Sem Internships are a thing – Why you should intern in Feb...

Mid-Sem Internships are a thing – Why you should intern in Feb & March!3 min read

source: www.wellesley.edu

Interning at the undergraduate level is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Not only does it prepare you for the post-graduation life, but even for the industry you eventually want to work in. Internships give you an exposure of the practical world and thus help make you a strong and independent entity. Moreover, it’s also an excellent way of increasing your pocket money!

The idea of doing internships among college going students has developed with time. Most of the students prefer doing it in the holiday season. You seriously need to think out of the box here.Why utilize just 40 days out of the 365 you have?

Here are some compelling arguments made by professionals as to why an internship in months like February and March is important:

  1. Break the cliché of Summer Internships

Vacations are the times when you get the chance to utilize the skills you have and put them to good use. Summers is when you get the longest vacation, therefore, it is regarded as the best season to intern.

Most of the companies hire interns during summer. But is it the only period when your skills for the industry can be utilized and polished? Certainly not. Summers is when most students intern, but amid-semester internship might be the chance where you can step out of the cliché and start a trend.

  1. Improvise Your Time Management

Wise Time Management helps you differentiate between your needs and desires. February and March are the months when all the colleges have their semesters going on. This is the right time for you to deem your management skills and furnish them. Interning during this period would help you create a structured schedule for your career and studies which display your seriousness towards work and your capabilities to your potential employers.

  1. Increase your Net Worth While at it

    source: www.wellesley.edu

The rampant world of globalization demands more than a mere degree. It’s getting impossible to withstand the humongous competition without prior experience. Even for higher studies, reputed foreign universities prefer students who have more experience than better grades. There are companies which offer internships during spring. Very often, students don’t enrol due to the fear of missing out on classes.

You need to realize that this might be your chance to stand out of the crowd. By the time your classmates start their internships in summer, you’ll be promoted.  A competitive mid-semester internship would work in your favour as there are fewer applicants than during summer and the working hours might also be more flexible. Therefore, mid-semester internships are perfect in order to gain experience and increase your Net Worth.

  1. Utilize Internship Exposure in the Classroom

There is always that one scholar student, the topper, who steals away your thunder as professors and teachers always prefer the students who score more. But it’s not always necessary that the one who scores more knows more. Mid-semester internships help you apply your practical skills into the classroom. This can be your ticket to fame, your chance of becoming the highlight of your class.

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