Mood Indigo, IIT Bombay vs DU Fests: The fest frenzy begins!3 min...

Mood Indigo, IIT Bombay vs DU Fests: The fest frenzy begins!3 min read

source: Mood Indigo Twitter

Well, who all are right now enjoying in one of the many hostels of IIT-Delhi and reading this post? Few? Many? Please leave a comment in the section below along with your room no. so that we the Campus Drifter’s can have a gala time of our own.

For all those who are not sure what Mood-Indigo (known as Mood-I) is, well, to start with:-

Asia’s largest cultural fest!

It is widely regarded as one of the best fest student’s organised fest in Asia and also around the world. The kind of management and co-operation these IIT-Bombay lads show is amazing and one of its kind.

Why would one go to Mood-I and not our desi DU Fests?
  • You get to be with your friends 24 hours and spend beautiful nights jamming, laughing and sharing experiences.
  • You get to experience the IIT atmosphere without the rigorous efforts to qualify for this respected institution (No matter how cool we portray ourselves but everyone desired to be in IIT once)
  • You can skip the chilly Delhi weather and enjoy the NOT so moderate temperature of Mumbai
  • After failing to impress a girl/boy in your college you can get a chance to pounce in a bigger reservoir and your luck! (All the best everyone, hope you come back with your lover).
  • The “Make it Large” feel is present at each and every corner of the 550 acre campus.
Mood Indigo vs Du fests


S.No. Criteria Mood-I DU Fests
1 Weather If you love short and hakuna matata type of clothes If you love to be all covered up and have that cold look along with your girl (If you have any!)
2 No. of hot girls and boys per sq. Mtr Still processing (excessive) Decent enough but they come along with their lovers, so no chance!
3 Night’s Fun In open grounds and near nature with good weather Pleasing nearby friends living in flats to spend nights in usual Delhi swag
4 Uniqueness You can go to Marine drive with your group at night and cherish the ambience of city WHICH DOESNOT SLEEP If you can avoid stalkers at night time, bear chilly weather, get permission from parents and somehow arrange a car, you can go to Hauz Khhass or Moorthal.
5 Star-Cast Epic! Epic!
6 Memories Depends on your group and that boy/girl you got to meet. Depends on the college and group you are with.
What Mood-I represents?

On an individual basis, it can be said that cultural fests such as Mood-I depict that our youth is ambitious and if directed in right direction produce marvellous results which includes:

  • Endless boozing nights for this  4 day-night carnival

  • New scintillating, mesmerising, unique, glorifying dance steps

  • Make new crushes at a speed faster than the speed of light.
    No picture Available, Use your imagination‼
  • Nerds of IIT become centre of attraction for all the hotties

Now coming to more serious things:-

  • Mood-I is a totally student administered fest and it feels good to see the manner in which these IITians manage and administer different events taking place simultaneously.
  • These four days are adobe for students for brain-storming and facing few personality clashes; you make new friends and create few feuds too.
  • You get to know about the culture of different colleges and their lifestyles along with the campus life of an IITians.
  • A sense of pride engulfs you to realise that you are in a place where only students are allowed and you are living some of the best days of your life.

Here are some of the pictures from Mood Indigo 2016 (Credits: Yash for Campus Drift):